I need some advie or help or even just a friend. I know im probably typing in th

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  1. militarybrat2007 profile image53
    militarybrat2007posted 8 years ago

    I need some advie or help or even just a friend. I know im probably typing in the wrong area sorry

    I am to the point i dont know what to do anymore. I have had so much going on its carzy i hydroplaned my brand new car and bout 3 days later my grandma who pretty much raised me passed away and my fiancee is in the military and had to go away this time just for 2 weeks but still right now it sucks and i should understand a little better because i grew up an army brat but its like right now isnt good our little girl needs him now to my supposed best friend is in North carolina and wont come see me because of her fiancee even though i told her i really needed her she said no. Anyone have advice

  2. profile image0
    L a d y f a c eposted 8 years ago

    Yikes! That IS a hard time sad I'm very sad to hear of the passing of your grandmother. I related to you in a few ways, one being that my grandmother raised me, and passed away a few years ago. It's so hard, like losing a mother. But she gave you everything you need to be the person she would be proud of. The things you do from here on are a tribute to her love and guidance. It's very hard to learn to live with losing someone so close. My heart goes out to you.

    My husband is in the military also. When I was pregnant and having a mental relapse of sorts he was sent to Virginia for a month. It was so hard for the first little while, crazy snowstorms that confined me to the house - ahhhh! I was only able to talk to him every 4 or 5 days for maybe 15 minutes, so to get me through it, or rather, because of it..and conveniently getting me through it... I tore the kitchen / dining room apart. The second I could leave the house I bought paint, new handles and knobs, and new curtains. That was what I did for the following three weeks - completely redecorate the kitchen and dining room by myself.
    Added bonus - oh the pride you get along with it!
    You say you have a little girl. Depending on how old she is, you could take this as a great opportunity to have some mommy - daughter fun while daddy is away. Do things that you can show him when he comes home. Go do girlie things together. Or, if she's only little, just play! Her laughter will help to ease the pain of your loss.
    Concerning your best friend, you were a little vague on the details. "because of her fiancee". Is she allowing herself to be controlled by said fiancee? Is he sick? Are there money issues? Is he jealous? Is she jealous and neurotic and can't leave him alone for a week without her watching him?

    Also, thank god you weren't hurt in the car accident. Big huge blessing.

  3. sofs profile image89
    sofsposted 8 years ago

    You have had a tough time..we all do.. as the saying goes when it rains it pours...
    Gratitude is the key to bounce back.. just start looking at the whole thing from another angle.. like this..
    You are alright though you've have had a nasty incident with your car.
    You have had a great grandma to have seen you through so far that you are not bitter but looking for advice to be better!
    You need your fiancee now, but you understand his commitment, it also  means that  you have found a very  committed man and you are a blessed girl.
    You have friends, though they cannot come and be with you leaving their life behind.. you can still talk to your chat with your friend without expecting too much.
    What I am really trying to say is .. when you look at the positive side of things you will not feel bad any more.
    You need to learn to deal with your grief and up and downs by yourself.. this is an opportunity..for you
    When you have handled this you come out much stronger than when you have had your friends and fiancee helping you!

    Hope you feel better .. work your way towards it..best wishes!

  4. Goodpal profile image89
    Goodpalposted 8 years ago

    You need to learn to grow bigger than your problems. There are situations when you are absolutely alone -- almost as if in an alien land. But must keep your negative mental chatter under control.

    If you are religious, trust in the power you believe. Faith is energy; this is the time to realize it.

    If you don't (or can't) believe in god, believe in yourself. You are much stronger than you think. It's true. Read few of my hubs on mental chatter and mindfulness -- you may find some strength and ideas.

    Remember, only you are your own best buddy. So be one!!

  5. furnitureman profile image61
    furnituremanposted 8 years ago

    You forgot to mention about your age. I don't know if you are a minor or what? I cannot give you a more or less workable advice because I don't even know your qualifications. And, where are you from? If you're an American and you are more than 18 years, I think you should look for a job. Sorry, I cannot give you a correct advice in the absence of your vital personal info. Thanks and may God bless you. Seek guidance from God because He knows everything, okay? More power.


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