What are the natural ways to loss fats?

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  1. alijawad2010 profile image55
    alijawad2010posted 8 years ago

    What are the natural ways to loss fats?

  2. clearblue99 profile image60
    clearblue99posted 8 years ago

    You can decide by exercising, running, and bicycle riding

  3. Sullen91 profile image77
    Sullen91posted 8 years ago

    There's not really any way to lose fat only. All weight loss methods -- those that are serious at least -- involve losing lean body mass as well as fat. On that note, if your caloric expenditures exceed your intake, you'll lose weight according to the immutable biological process.

  4. magzz profile image60
    magzzposted 8 years ago

    It takes quite some time for most people to put on weight or gain fat. By the same token it requires a bit of effort and discipline to loose fat. You just have to find out what works best for you and avoiding further intake of too much fat that created the problem in the first place. As has been commented, exercise, good eating habit and some natural supplements have been proven very positive results.

    Here is a resource you might want to review

  5. alijawad2010 profile image55
    alijawad2010posted 8 years ago

    there is a superb method for lossing weight and it is natural. visit my blog.
    http://freenews2010.blogspot.com/2010/1 … -fats.html

  6. Dr irum profile image60
    Dr irumposted 8 years ago

    Here are some information you could use when trying to lose weight the natural way:

    Eat your breakfast- Many people resort to lessening the frequency of their food consumption, thus resulting to starvation. Studies conducted have already proven that starvation and not eating during breakfast are not only helpful but could also end up with spree eating in the later parts of the day. Aside from not giving you the energy you needed to boost your morning and the succeeding hours, not eating your breakfast could also upset your metabolism which is a very unnecessary loss of advantage for weight loss.

    Boost your metabolism- Metabolism is the body's mechanism to convert raw materials into energy. If one could manipulate this mechanism, one could actually control the usage of energy. Starving oneself would upset metabolism, as we have said a while back. This one should never skip a meal. Instead, a person wanting to lose weight naturally should boost his or her metabolism and one of the most effective ways is to regularize eating. It is best to eat five very light, healthy meals everyday. This way you could help increase your metabolism which yields to faster conversion of food energy. In the end, this would limit the incidence of fat storage.

    Drink eight glasses a day- As classic as this advice sounds, it is still one of the more effective ways to lose weight naturally. Aside from helping detoxifying the body into carry the nutrients into the bloodstream, water also helps curb appetite making you feel full enough as to consume lessens food during meals. It also hydrates the body which is very useful during strenuous exercises and water also promotes better digestion, something you really need when wanting to lose weight.

  7. internett1t3 profile image59
    internett1t3posted 8 years ago

    Turmeric powder: A glass of milk and two tablespoons of turmeric powder at night before sleeping is all that is needed to revitalize your body with vigor and energy. The healing effects of turmeric powder in its' natural form are world renowned and what people are unaware of is the fact that turmeric can be a potent factor for reducing stress internally; which is one of the factors enhancing obesity across the globe.

  8. skullplay profile image60
    skullplayposted 8 years ago

    I wrote a hub all about the all natural way to lose fat and gain muscle. I have been using it, and got amazing results. Check out my hub and read all about it.


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