viens on the bowel exterior

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    pdpepperposted 7 years ago

    viens on the bowel exterior

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    Dr irumposted 7 years ago

    i could not understand your question  , so please explain it then we can able to answer .

    If you are talking about piles so answer is ,

    Hemorrhoids are the veins is in the latter parts of the intestinal tract, called the rectum and anus. These veins at this end of the casing to fill an important role to make a mark there, using pillows filled with blood around the stool and bowel gas exhaust. The seal is actually a double, and consists of two rows of the veins. Top ranking at the end of the rectum is called internal hemorrhoidal veins, and the bottom row of the year are covered by skin and veins are called external hemorrhoids. Behind these veins is a strong muscle that acts as the main regulatory body in a bowel movement, and therefore of high social inequality, as well as physical significance.