in one glass of 33oz and with a solution of 8ppm how much of hydrogen peroxide 3

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    balangoposted 7 years ago

    in one glass of 33oz and with a solution of 8ppm how much of hydrogen peroxide 33 percent should...

    be added??

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    aguasilverposted 7 years ago

    Whoooaaa, hold on here.....

    H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) is a potent thing, and before you could even think about consuming it, you need to 'cut' it down from 33% (food grade) to between 3-8%, and you do this by calculating how many drops you put into one litre of distilled water to achieve the correct level.

    The answer is 12 drops to get to 3%, but do the math yourself to be sure!

    I have tested H2O2 up to 12%, at which point is burned my oesophagus and I needed to drink 1 litre of aloe juice to rectify the problem.

    Do not muck around with H2O2 (unless like me you are prepared to experiment with things before you proscribe them)

    I only ever added H2O2 to a completed batch of CS, and then I would add ONE DROP TO 20 LITRES.

    Sooooo..... if you want to combine the two (CS/H2O2) I would say that you needed to get one litre of distilled water, add 10 drops of H2O2, test it to your tongue, and if you feel it go from tinge to burn, dilute it some more, if you are comfortable with the mouth taste and feel, then you can mix the diluted distilled version with your CS in whatever cut you desire.

    But have some aloe vera juice around just in case!

    Right here I am going to state my own disclaimer, not to protect me from your relatives suing me if you kill yourself, but to protect you.

    CS is 100% safe to use if properly made (i.e. using a good generator with computerised level control) but H2O2 is a whole different ballgame for folk who need to even ask the question.

    Research it before you use it and be sure to test it at low %'s before you ingest it.

    H2O2 can kill you if you drink it at too high a dosage.

    Better to use Cellfood, a commercial product and well tested, if you want to use oxygen therapy, but even with that you need to take it at different times, as the Cellfood is opposite charged to the CS.

    Write me privately if you have more questions, and be more specific about WHY you want to cut CS with H2O2?