Can you get addicted from short term marijuana use?

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  1. profile image51
    willmorales94posted 11 years ago

    Can you get addicted from short term marijuana use?

    alright, i have smoked bud for about 6 months and had never been addicted. I even stopped for a period of 3 weeks for a drug test with no problem what so ever. I'm in high school and during this past winter break i smoked over an ounce and i smoked every day. When i stopped smoking i had insomnia for about 5 days where it affected me. I still have it right now yet it is diminshing and doesnt affect me. Why would this happen if i haven't smoke a long term?

  2. amymarie_5 profile image79
    amymarie_5posted 11 years ago

    They say you can't but I don't believe that. Anything can become addicting. Especially if you have an addictive personality.

  3. smithson profile image59
    smithsonposted 11 years ago

    This insomnia is obviously being caused by something other than marijuana.  I'd imagine you are under a lot of pressure at school with grades and college choices.  Not to mention girls, parents and whatever else you do.  You did mention a drug test?  Court/ parent/job issued?  Being forced to stop things on other people's terms is very tough as well.

    I wouldn't worry about the nugget man.  Take a break though and start reading a book or something.

  4. minpin20000 profile image59
    minpin20000posted 11 years ago

    something is only as addivtive as you make it meaning however you view it in your mind is how it will be.If you think that you can not sleep because you haven't smoked any pot than I guarentee you that is how it will be.Your reallity unfolds the way your mind sees things.
       Example nicotene gum and patches only work if you believe in your mind that they are helping you.the fact is I stopped smoking march 10 2010 cold turkey without any nicotene replacement.Fact is that the nicotene is out of your system in three days so if nicotene was what was causing the addiction then why after three days smoke free do I still want a cigarette.
    answer  because my mind cant stop thinking about it then all these things my mind relate to smoking trigger a very strong urge to smoke.Being a smoker for over 20 years I can say until you have made up your mind to quit you want quit and I think that is true with anything it all starts in your head.

  5. Goodpal profile image81
    Goodpalposted 11 years ago

    It appears that you are NOT in control of your life. Adopt a healthy lifestyle, get stronger and live like a king (drugs don't make anyone stronger; in fact they sap your energy while you are chasing some "experience"). Hope the following article and my hubs on mindfulness will be useful for you. … -your-life

    With deep feelings of compassion and goodwill for your well being.  -- GOODPAL

  6. sarah lawton profile image55
    sarah lawtonposted 11 years ago

    what makes you think your not addicted okay you might have stopped for 3 weeks , but you are experiencing withdrawal symtoms not sleeping, why do you think long term is no longer than 6 months and how is all this afecting your brain and school work, If i were you, Id start looking into some web sites into the cons of smoking marijuana, because this drug can serioulsly muck up your life, belive me i know.

  7. andrew savage profile image59
    andrew savageposted 9 years ago

    No. Short and simple, only people with chemical imbalances that actuate addictive personalities are at risk from becoming addicted to cannabinoids. If you find yourself addicted to cannabinoids it is because you have an imbalance and need psychiatric, or counseling, treatments. It could also be that your body is telling you that you need more anandamide- the THC compound that is naturally produced by the mind and spleen when working out. Try working out for a couple weeks without THC consumption prior to seeing a medical specialist. The outdoors and working out are optimal ways to balance your anandamide levels- you may even stop consuming the plant all together if you are without an illness or disorder that requires medication.


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