anybody struggling with the price of sobriety (suboxone)?

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  1. profile image54
    typicaljunkieposted 8 years ago

    anybody struggling with the price of sobriety (suboxone)?

    tough when it was cheaper maintaining a dope habit!

  2. the clean life profile image76
    the clean lifeposted 8 years ago

    Well as far a myself, fortunately I didn't need medicine ,but I can imagine it could be costly, but I think or should I say know that is a small price to pay if it helps you achieve your sobriety.

    Stay strong and Positive and everything will work out just fine .

  3. profile image54
    typicaljunkieposted 8 years ago

    Well it keeps me broke where I could just go buy a very small amount of junk and have lots of dough left????? And just do enough to not be sick, not get high! Its just tough either way. A deep dark vicious cycle of depression, hate, love, pain and eternal yearning for that something more. Hard to explain. I guess its still a miracle Im alive after pushing 50 30's in 2 day plus ingesting 60 clonopine! Guess my job on this earth isnt done...well I know it isnt as I have an infant! Thank God he keeps me going when I otherwise would curl up and give up coldly & not care about anything in the world.

  4. FrankiesGirl6Yr profile image82
    FrankiesGirl6Yrposted 8 years ago

    Hell Ya! I just lost my medicaid, which ment I only paid $3 a script... I am waiting to get my card and approval from my fiances insurance. Just yesterday I had to buy 4-8mg (what I am perscribed a day) and it cost me $40... So if I had to do that everyday, it would cost $1,200.00 a month, about what I would probably spend on dope (just to keep me from getting sick). I do have to say this though, Suboxone is alot cheeper than being on the junk, U just don't get the high, thats why it seems do expencive.... Honestly look back at your worst time, can you say you spent less than $1,200 a month? I know I have spent that in a week before...
    I do think they should come out with a generic though, but then again, my fiance the generic would probably suck!
    The whole ting is kinda insain if you think about it.. The ones who made the (cheaper) addictive opiates are now making bank off the side effects of their own product. I know some of us are Subs for like heroin addiction, but come on, does anyone truly thing we started out with herion? No, it's more like tabs, oxys, than H. My point is the problem initiated from the same source that is bank on our addiction to their product...

  5. profile image50
    Becca6248posted 8 years ago

    I'm on the Suboxone Therapy, It saved my life, as well as my daughter and her husband. I have been on Suboxone for 9 months, 11 days. My daughter has 11 months. and my son-in-law. Has been totally off the Suboxone for 6 months. I'm down to 2 a day from 3 x a day and shes down to 1 a day from 3. Before the Suboxone, I was doing 130 mg of Methadone a day. and Oxy 30's and Valium 10 mg 3 x day.Before the Suboxone, I had been using for 23 yrs. 16 yrs on Hydrocodone, (Vicodian,Lortab,) and the last 6 yrs on Methadone, which is like dancing with the devil. The withdraws are so brutal. The kids mainly did the Oxys. And I know what you mean on the cost. The program we are in, my ex-husband paid $5,000 up front for my daughter. I was paying $150.00 a week for my son-in-law. and myself. It went down to $75 a week for me. my daughter and I are in a maintenance program now which cost us $180 ea a month. As far as the med's The Here To Help Program, it's offered from the same company that makes the Suboxone, we were lucky enough to get sponsored through the company. And did not have to pay for the Suboxone. You can try their website it's "Here to" to see if they can help you. Good luck to you Frankie. Let me know how everything  works out for you.


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