Whats`s everybody`s take on health care?

  1. caycoltken profile image61
    caycoltkenposted 7 years ago

    Whats`s everybody`s take on health care?

  2. megs11237 profile image70
    megs11237posted 7 years ago

    Without the bill, it is dangerous economically, socially, and personally. The health care reform while imperfect should not be repealed but the parts that need improvement can be improved  such as the 1099 and maybe a revision of the uninsured tax/mandate. 

    Some parts are extremely important and cost lives without implementation such as the pre existing conditions loophole.

    In some states domestic violence can be considered a pre existing condition, athlete's foot, acne, asthma, etc.

    If my sister donates part of liver to me so I can live she will no longer have to worry about being uninsured for helping me.