Hey Hellcat - As per my comment below, I am interested to know of your analysis

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    jrogers123posted 7 years ago

    Hey Hellcat - As per my comment below, I am interested to know of your analysis and how it...

    changes in the presence of related issues of UNDER-METHYLATION or OVER-METHYLATION? Also, around whether you have explored the use of various streams of kinesiology to treat possibly the underlying cause - that being - an infection/irritant/allergy?

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    Hellcatposted 7 years ago

    Hi and thanks for your question. Funny you mention methylation issues, as I'm currently writing another article about biochemical subtypes, two being undermethylation and overmethylation. It will include pyroluria too. It may be awhile before I publish it, as it's a large topic and I want to research it throughly.
    There is a crossing over quite often with pyroluria and most commonly with histapenia (overmethylation). This is due to high levels of copper and low Zinc mostly. I haven't tested myself yet, but I'm quite certain I have issues with overmethylation.
    When treating someone with mental illness, it's vital to take all possibilities into consideration, and to treat on an individual basis. A treatment regime for one will never be exactly the same for another. Hair analysis and whole blood histamine levels are a starting point and need to be investigated before determining a suitable nutritional approach.
    In regards to kinesiology, I have used a few different modalities to work on underlying causes and contributing factors - neurolink and neuro emotional technique (NET), both similar to kinesiology.  I don't believe, in my case, that my pyroluria was caused by the parasite. It was only exacerbated by it as it destroyed my gut lining. I have had pyroluric symptoms my whole life, as early as 4 years old (that's as far as I can remember). I can see a strong familial pattern among my ancestors and within my immediate family. I do believe though that our genetic inheritance can be altered by working deeply on some of the inherited emotional patterns that are imbedded within us. This is where I find the NET and neurolink wonderful....and also kinesiology. I'm currently using liquid crystals with some rather large shifts occuring within myself. Stay tuned for my next hub on biochemical subtypes and it will shed more light on methylation abnormalities. Cheers, Helen smile