How to stop the hatred, anger, and hostility of weed withdrawals ?

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    WORRIED WIFEposted 7 years ago

    How to stop the hatred, anger, and hostility of weed withdrawals ?

    my husband is quiting smoking (HYDRO)weed after almost 20yrs and it is awful for me(wife). The anger, aggression, and hatred is horrible, HELP!!!

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    kendrakaymacposted 6 years ago

    you can help him understand that these feelings are part of the withdrawal and not actual valid feelings stemming from his environment. Meaning first he feels bad (due to withdrawal) then he looks for a reason he feels bad (lets say he can't find his shoe) and validates his bad feeling with this missing shoe and runs with it. Now he's yelling etc. about his shoe when if not for the bad feeling he would not care about a missing shoe. So if someone is looking for something wrong they will find it every time. He has to understand these feelings will go away he can't give in to them and validate them because when he does that he will make the feeling more intense and real and use that chemical release he gets from the anger to deal. People will deal with their depressing feelings by covering them up with anger. Try talking about what was going on in his life when he began depending on weed. what ever need he had for the weed back then he may still have that need there maybe something he doesn't want to deal with. Also sleep problems are a big withdrawal issue and can affect mood as well. Try cutting caffeine from his diet and he'll need to learn how to relax himself now that he can't smoke to do so.

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    jjackson786posted 6 years ago

    I would highly suggest a substance abuse counselor. Despite opinions to the contrary, users will eventually develop an addiction to marijuana with all the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that you have mentioned. Convince him to get help, and hang in there.