where can i find a good rsd lawyer who cares about me?

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    superglewposted 7 years ago

    where can i find a good rsd lawyer who cares about me?

    i have been injured by a dr. she gave me a shot in the foot. now i have been diagnosed with rsd by three drs. i consulted an attorney and he started to file, could not find professional to agree with findings of other drs. he declined to represent me. what can i do?

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    sarascaposted 7 years ago

    Your question should eliminate the last four words.  You won't find an attorney who "cares about you" regarding ANY subject anywhere on the planet.  Attorneys care about successful litigation and the size of their retainers.

    Considering your situation in particular, you should:

    1. Contact attorneys who specialize in the legal area in which you need representation (which would be Medical Malpractice).

    2.  Post your question on legal forum websites where you can receive suggestions and information from people who have either been represented in a similar situation, or from attorneys who can recommend a particular course of action.

    3.  Educate yourself about the law in your state.  Most states require only TWO doctors to agree on a medical issue for it to be considered a stipulated (accepted as true) matter.

    4. (MOST IMPORTANT) Obtain documentation from the three doctors who diagnosed you with RSD that clearly and unequivocally states that you are suffering from RSD as a direct result of receiving a shot in the foot from another physician.  If you cannot link your disorder to this cause, you cannot sue for damages.