Is the HCG diet a crazy fad or is it legitimate science?

  1. robertmay profile image59
    robertmayposted 7 years ago

    Is the HCG diet a crazy fad or is it legitimate science?

  2. koolkatt profile image58
    koolkattposted 7 years ago

    it's legitimate only because you eat a very low amount of calories and even by doing nothing you will burn more calories through the day. It's not very healthy though I have a friend who was 320 and lost 45lbs on it in a month.

  3. Fire10 profile image58
    Fire10posted 7 years ago

    Well, the legitimate science has shown HCG to be ineffective in weight loss.  Having written an article/paper on HCG (on more than one occasion), and - trying to be open to everyone's opinions - I've even asked 'scientific' advocates of the HCG specific questions about how they interpret the research and how they propose that HCG claims are still valid despite being (at a most basic inspection) contradictory to basic biological principles.

    They were only successful in 1) sidestepping my obvious question and 2) not responding at all.  Leads me to believe that either they have no scientific training, or they've put their scientific training secondary to their marketing motives.

    Whatever the reason, nobody is really stepping up to the plate.

    So, while HCG is a joke, I agree with koolkatt - the 500 calorie diet is effective.

    And the only hub I've published is on HCG smile

    Whenever I see a post like "so many people can't be wrong."  I think - In clinical trials people are always claiming that the sugar pill actually did something to help their disease - so, a lot of people are wrong in a very consistent, predictable, and reliable way.