Operation or passing out stones, pls suggest

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    rastogi_riposted 7 years ago

    Operation or passing out stones, pls suggest

    my question is Whats better getting operated or homeopathic for gall bladder stone
    u answered the stone has to be removed because if left in the gall bladder, it can block the duct causing a severe gall bladder attack--no one wants that kind of pain. Get it out and be done with it.

    i have heard about passing stones with apple juice and olive oil, so do u suggest to pass it out or getting operated

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    duffsmomposted 7 years ago

    I am not a doctor and have not had gall stones.  If the stone can be passed, it sounds like you are talking about kidney stones and not gall stones.  Can you clarify?

    You might want to go to the Mayo Clinic website and look around. You might find some answers there. 

    Are you afraid of having surgery which I can certainly understand?