I would appreciate any advice for my husband and myself that might help deal wit

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    BeingTrueposted 6 years ago

    I would appreciate any advice for my husband and myself that might help deal with this issue.

    Before my husband and I married he admitted that he had OCD. When he was young he had compulsions to complete acts or "something bad would happen". Even now, when taking sips of water sometimes something doesn't feel right and he will have to repeat the act until it "feels okay". He admitted to having unwanted sexual thoughts earlier in life. A few years before we met he was viewing porn regularly and started using prostitutes. He admitted to having cheated on me in order to have sex. We went to counseling and he is committed to the relationship, and states he has never turned back to old beha

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    jpcmcposted 6 years ago

    Professional help is important especially if the OCD is interfering with his basic functions.  Depending on the extent of the OCD, medications maybe prescribed.  Of course not everyone is enthusiastic when it comes to medication but if it will improve quality of life then consider it. 

    Furthermore, as a wife of a person with OCD, you also need to have a support group as this can be equally stressful.  I suggest that you join groups and forums so that you can get assistance and information as well. 

    If you have children, you need to discuss with them OCD openly and partake in all the efforts. 

    Do consult with an expert so you and your whole family can be guided properly

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