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What is your best tip for de-stressing?

  1. Alyssa Nichol profile image97
    Alyssa Nicholposted 6 years ago

    What is your best tip for de-stressing?

  2. Curiad profile image78
    Curiadposted 6 years ago

    Meditation works very well for me, I find a quiet place to sit and focus on Yume. Yume translates to "Nothing" or being nothing.

  3. pofdawn profile image62
    pofdawnposted 6 years ago

    Agree with Curiad. Meditation or massages, or spa services smile ...Give yourself some quiet relaxing TLC moments. Create some time for it, even for 15 minutes.

    Power naps, laughter - go watch some crazy comedy or think of the funniest things your baby/friend/neighbor did. Be creative smile

    Me going for some Shiatsu tomorrow smile

  4. PANKAJBABA profile image50
    PANKAJBABAposted 6 years ago

    to de-stress yourself follow these TIPS:

    1.Inhale slowly ,and collect all your air inside your dipharam&belly not on chest and exhale slowly,and focus should be on your breath .do it 5 minute twice a day.
    2.after this chant the mantras which so ever religon you belong ,for 4-5 minute.
    3.now "anulom bilom" techinque:-At first close your right side nostrils with your right thumb and inhale completely and slowly with your left nostrils then close left nostrils with your right ring and middle finger and exhale with right nostrils slowly with felling that your stress is going away...after this with same right nostril inhale completly then close right nostril with your right thumb and exhale with your left nostrils.This completes one round...you practice it for 5-15minutes daily.

  5. Buffoon profile image79
    Buffoonposted 6 years ago

    Beer. Couch. Shoes off. Some sports on TV. Or a movie.

    Put them all together and destress! Yoo!

  6. Ashantina profile image61
    Ashantinaposted 6 years ago


  7. PainReliefGuy profile image71
    PainReliefGuyposted 6 years ago

    Find some place to be by yourself and engage in 20 minutes of self-pleasure. A hot bath is a great spot. You get the benefit of being alone, the warmth of the water, the scent of the bubble bath or candles, the convenience of being naked and the chance to reconnect with your body and let your mind wonder.

    This tip works for both men and women. It is pretty much fool-proof (unless you have self-touch issues or hangups). smile

    Hope that works for you!

  8. Inspiration88 profile image80
    Inspiration88posted 6 years ago

    Do what gives your emotional pleasure, what inspires you and makes you feel good. Don't take problems too seriously, that is, modify your mindset to a more positive outlook. Remember:

    "There are no obstacles, there are only challenges!"