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What was the most difficult life experience you ever had

  1. CloudExplorer profile image78
    CloudExplorerposted 6 years ago

    What was the most difficult life experience you ever had

    Please try to leave a descriptive explanation if you can recall, of the most emotional, and engaging difficulty you ever had to deal with.  It could be anything at all, but make sure it was real, & yours you genuinely had at some time in the past.  If you like you can add what resulted as well, whether you learn from it, solved it, or was simply puzzled by it.  Just examples to help your answers.

  2. mkvealsh profile image60
    mkvealshposted 6 years ago

    My family was completely rejected by our friends because we made a choice to leave a church that was teaching things we did not believe.  Even our pediatrician dropped my children as his patients.  While it was very hurtful at the time, God taught me so much through it, so I am better off because of it.

  3. cmlindblom profile image76
    cmlindblomposted 6 years ago

    The most difficult life experiance i've had was coming back from a deployment. I was good and am still good but its pretty hard to just fall back in on a 1 year old that was a newborn and a house thats mine that i've never seen before and just a whole new life or what it felt like to be. Also I didn'y notice it at first and niether did my wife but I am alot more ill tempured and am easily annoyed now which causes alot of arguements. I thought combat would be hard but its the overwhelming new life that was hard to deal with.

  4. nabeelplus profile image61
    nabeelplusposted 6 years ago

    the most difficult experinece in  my life was to keep my and my family's will power so strong and  to make them sure that everything will be fine one day....knowing that anything wrong can happen any time.....

  5. Cardisa profile image94
    Cardisaposted 6 years ago

    My life itself has been a difficult experience. There are some things that I don't care to explain in the manner you ask but will still tell you about them

    When I was 14 I was raped by a Church brother. I hope you realize that this is an experience that I cannot elaborate on much. I have tried to put this behind me and the only way I could have done that was to forgive the person who did it and heal myself by knowing it was not my fault.

    When I was 27 I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and had to have a hysterectomy at age 29. This was a very devastating experience because I had no children and was looking forward to a life with kids. This experience led to many years of depression, several suicide attempts. The last attempt was December 15, 2005. That last attempt was the most serious as I really hated the fact that I did not die. The other attempts before, I didn't seem to mind not dying I just got on with life. By the time I attempted suicide that last time My depression had obviously taken hold of my entire existence, I could see no positive in life. I hate life and everything in it.

    After the last suicide attempt I tried to get on with life. I got a job and it turned out to be a living nightmare. Somewhere inside me I knew I wanted to live so I did not try to take my life again, but I definitely got worse some how as I was thrown into a nervous breakdown, where I did not want to leave my apartment, I started seeing and hearing things.  I have a friend who was there all the way for he. He helped me come out of that state.  If it were not for this friend, I would have ended up in an asylum. It took me another two to three years to reach a point where I could start seeing the positive in live again.

    One of the most positive things I could have done for me was resume my martial arts training which helped make me mentally stronger. It also made me physically strong and I lost a few pounds. I really looked good on the outside and felt really good on the inside.

    To tell you anything else would be reveal too much.

    I don't know why you ask these questions, but if I see my story any where else other than my own hub I will really take action.