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Does anyone have a herbal remedy for full-on, head blown, sinus wracking hay fev

  1. MazioCreate profile image73
    MazioCreateposted 6 years ago

    Does anyone have a herbal remedy for full-on, head blown, sinus wracking hay fever?

  2. WordPlay profile image60
    WordPlayposted 6 years ago

    I recently had a terrible head cold, which caused symptoms that were probably similar to yours. I discovered that using a sinus rinse like Simply Saline did wonders. It seemed like it would be disgusting before I tried it but it turned out to not be unpleasant at all and it really did work wonders for clearing mucus that made me feel like I was choking.

    You can also use a Netti pot or even just inhale a warm-water-and-saline solution (created with Kosher or sea salt and distilled water) from the palm of your hand. I didn't feel confident that I was getting the ratio of salt to water correct, though, so I ended up buying the Simply Saline kit with salt packets and a squeeze bottle. I've been very happy with it and still use it daily, even though I'm feeling much better.

    I hope you feel better soon! :-)

  3. MazioCreate profile image73
    MazioCreateposted 6 years ago

    Thanks WordPlay, this course of action never crossed my mind.  A younger sister has to do sinus rinses regulary, must be the mucous blocking the grey matter, because I didn't even think along these lines.  Thanks for the well wishes, I'm hoping after five days my head will return to its normal size. Cheers sad)

  4. artist101 profile image70
    artist101posted 5 years ago


    When my allergies act up I use QBC, Quercitin Bromelain Complex, by Douglas labs. Quercitin is a natural antihistamine, bromelain is a natural anti inflammatory, and of course C is viamin C, known as a natural decongestant. The vitamin C, in this product is buffered, unlike the other C's, that are too acidic to take long term. This particular product also contains magnesium for added benefit, and a co factor for the other active ingrediants to work effectively. As well as a sinus spray, containing olive leaf, a natural antibiotic, as well as grapefruit seed extract, 2 puffs each nostril 3 times a day. Very effective. A sinus cleanse may also help. http://artist101.hubpages.com/hub/Is-it … or-allergy I give the recipe in my article. By removing the allergen, you lessen the response.. It is advisable to start your regimen 30 days before hay fever season starts. Do not take any drug, over the counter, or prescription, with grape fruit seed.
    Other advice, if it is true hayfever, it is the pollen from ragweed. Golden rod blooms at the same time as ragweed, when you see those yellow blooms, you know that ragweed is also present. Keep the windows on your car, and in your home closed. You carry the pollen with you, on your clothes and in your hair, take a shower after being outside. Do not use chamomile tea, capsules, or other wise, it contains the same proteins as ragweed, as well as melons, cantaloupe, water melon, and many others, by avoiding these proteins, you lesson the response.
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