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I wish you health, wellness, and wholeness both physically, and spiritually. Thank you to my followers, and fans!! You are a blessing to me, and very valued!!! I will do my best to answer each inquiry, you may contact me through my fan mail. Most of the questions I answer are on My activity list. Please share, all is welcome. I also post new medical information, and services on google, and pinterest.

I served in a pharmacy for many years. I saw and read what prescriptions did to my customers. At the time, in my young mind, I didn't understand what I was seeing. Many came in with ailments, and ended up worse than when they came in. Many of the drugs behind the counter are useful, and necessary , but many are toxic, or the side effects are worse than the sickness. Many times it isn't necassary to bombard a patient with strong, toxic medication. Given the right medicine, or natural substance, in the right dosage, your body will heal. It is a complex machine that requires the right fuel.

I am available for phone consults http://www.zintro.com/expert/sherrie-gill as well. There is a fee for my services.

My intentions are to educate the patient in the pursuit of wellness. To prevent common illnesses, and conditions. To give them the tools to regain their health.

My purpose, or goal is to educate, and encourage those seeking help, those who value health, and wellness, and to help others in their pursuit of wellness. You may contact me through this website, through my email account, I will do my best to help.

I give my testimony thru these many pages of information. I pray that my work will help someone who is suffering, its in Gods hands.

**These are suggestions based on what I have learned, from numerous clinical trials, 8 years of research, 10 years as a pharmacy tech, and from personal positive experiences. Consult a Pharmacist, or Physician before proceeding with the following measures. Incorperate your physician in your pursuit of health, and recovery.****

I also paint, and take photos, hence artist101.

My portfolio is available on http://www.behance.net/sherriegill

I also blog through google, about new information concerning health, holistic medicine, new clinical trials, and new products.

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