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    Candy Beauclairposted 8 years ago

    Cancer is one of the most deadliest diseases that there is. Millions of people are hit with this disease a year. This disease has killed millions of people. Cancer is not an easy disease to detect that's why it's so important to have your yearly exams so it can be detected.Cancer is a disease that can form in a person instantly and they would never of known they would have it till they would get very ill and by that time it could be to late.
    Back in the year 2005, my mother came down with the flu that ended up turning into amonia. Know one would of ever of thought she had cancer. She had her random checks and a month before she went in to the hospital she had her testing done for cancer and nothing showed up. When she went in to the hospital with this flu of course they ran tests. On these test it showed some unusual spots on her lungs and when they went in to remove them the Dr.'s realized that they couldn't touch them because it was a fast moving cancer and it would spread. When my mother was still in surgery she slipped into a comma and by the time she came out of the comma the cancer spread through out her body and ended up killing her. My mother died at a young age. She was only in her fifties. So my message to you people out there if you have cancer or any other disease that runs in your family stay on top of and get checked most frequently even if you think it 's nothing you just never know.

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    Artin2010posted 8 years ago

    You are one hundred percent right. I pray that you are being strong and dealing with this storm life has thrown at you. So sorry that the Big C came along at such an early age. I am fifty now and watched my grandfather go from lung cancer, and currently am living with my dad 75 years old, who is now dying from cancer as I write. I agree Ms. Candy that "C" as I like to refer to it as is one of the most deadly illnesses one can contract.