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  • Driving Force

    Driving Force

    7 years ago

    The beauty of the sky brings inspiration. These are pictures I took when I was able to. Ever changing is the ocean. Oh how beautiful nature can be at times. More inspiration. Eyes looking out into a great vastness, Wondering thoughts prevailing...

  • Good In Life

    Good In Life

    7 years ago

    Hello everyone, as you are reading this, I hope that you gain some insight about seeking out, searching for good and positive things that make your life have more fullness in a good way. At an early age I learned about discouragement, oppression...

  • Seriously Salvation

    Seriously Salvation

    7 years ago

    Shall we gather at the river? Let the water wash our souls, Salvation freeing us from the bondage of flesh. Shall we walk among the living, preparing for our future journey into the great unknown? Let the spirit dwell in your heart that pushes...

  • Prism Prison

    Prism Prison

    7 years ago

    Prism Prison The moment you enter through the doors of insanity, you will know exactly where you are, nothing makes sense anymore. All bets are off and you know you’ve become aware that you are part of the great show. You grin and roll...

  • Hub I didn't mean to write

    Hub I didn't mean to write

    7 years ago

    Hello fellow hubbers and friends, Do you ever have those moments or even days when you are bored and don't feel like reading or doing anything, but know that you need to keep your mind occupied with something? Well I do, not too often though. I...

  • A Good Resting Place

    A Good Resting Place

    8 years ago

    On Sunday November 14, 2010 my father went on to be with God and the others who have left here. After a long fight with lung cancer, Squamous Cell Carcinoma my dads suffering ended right here in the comfort of familiar surroundings at his home. ...

  • Pentecost


    7 years ago

    Here is a little enlightenment as to what Pentecost is about. Father God, I pray that this information is representing the Word truly as it was recorded and that no heart or mind reads this and is mislead from the purpose which is to spread...

  • Strongholds


    7 years ago

     Hello everyone, just wanted to write about the topic of Strongholds. A stronghold is a fortress, a barrier, a strong clenching grasp of something. When we have sin on our soul, it allows the devil to come in and disconnect us from the mercy and...

  • Death For Me

    Death For Me

    9 years ago

     This morning as I read scriptures and had morning devotion with my Father in heaven or in the dimension beyond my mortal reach yet I say, I was inspired to write this poem. I think it is worthy of creating into a hubpage and so here it is. Hope...

  • Tribute to Pastor Rodgers

    Tribute to Pastor Rodgers

    8 years ago

    True teacher of God's Holy and Inspired Word Pastor Rodgers was born September 12, 1931 and went on to be with Our Lord on November 15, 2005. Pastor Rodgers was truly a man after God's heart. He was a committed member and eventually Pastor of...

  • The Right Bait

    The Right Bait

    4 years ago

    Give a man a fish and feed him for the day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for life! Jesus Christ ministry was all about teaching love and tolerance to and for all things man.

  • Christian Roots Part2

    Christian Roots Part2

    9 years ago

    Also known as St.Gregory the Enlightener  Born in 257 AD somewhere near Cappadocia, Kayseri Saint Gregory was turned over to the Christian Holy Father Euthalius early in his life, to be raised and educated as a devout Christian. Because his...

  • Christian Roots, Part1

    Christian Roots, Part1

    9 years ago

    Most likely an artist rendering of Origen  Origen Adamantius was an Alexandrian born citizen born around 185 AD. He was raised and educated by his father Leonides whom bestowed him with a Hellenistic principles education. He eventually became a...

  • A World Hurting

    A World Hurting

    7 years ago

    Hello everyone, Let me start with a prayer!  Father God, we ask you this day to give the suffering, hope, and a sign that you care what happens to those whom fully believe that You are indeed who You say You are in your Living Word the Bible....

  • Man vs Food

    Man vs Food

    9 years ago

    Do men have eating disorders? Do they sometimes go to extremes? The answer is yes and yes. That's right, men suffer from the compulsion to eat more than necessary too! I wanted to create another hub, but I wanted it to be short, sweet and to the...

  • Through The Valley And Back

    Through The Valley And Back

    7 years ago

    As a practicing faith based Jesus loving christian, I've had my share of moments when my beliefs are shaken to that point of not knowing whether to continue or just give up and succumb to the desires of living in this skin I am blessed to wear. As...

  • Too Late for Sorry

    Too Late for Sorry

    9 years ago

    Beautiful Girl, grow up strong and healthy. After reading someone else's testimony about growing up with street smarts and having to handle life's storms on there own, I started thinking about my own situation with children and the difficulties of...

  • Tyre,Queen of the Sea

    Tyre,Queen of the Sea

    9 years ago

    Part of the Empire known as Asia Minor A Little History of the City of Tyre The city of Tyre has a very colorful and lengthy history. It is a port city located on the eastern side of the Mediteranean Sea.The famous Phoenician traders and their...

  • Times are Changing Folks

    Times are Changing Folks

    9 years ago

    Used to be that the man of the house went out and worked. He brought in the money, paid the bills, bought the groceries and the diapers.More and more these days the woman is the professional and often times brings more income into the household than...

  • When a Ghost Comes Out of the Closet

    When a Ghost Comes Out of the Closet

    9 years ago

    Several years ago, I lived in the basement of this old mans home for a while in Western Florida. Upon moving into the space the old guy told me some of the history of this particular home and how he became a resident and owner of the property. He...

  • Started In The Heart And Ended In The Mind

    Started In The Heart And Ended In The Mind

    9 years ago

    Cruisin the Coast was a blast this year! Hello Hubbers and stopper by's I'm writing this hub as an experiment to see just what I can come up with, off the cuff! I hope there's something here someone enjoyed reading. Last week, I got blue funk...

  • Faith And Moving Mountians

    Faith And Moving Mountians

    8 years ago

    This is a short story from a bible Study guide that I read and I thought it full of useful information about understanding faith. Let me assure you that this is not my creation, but I do believe that it is consise in breaking down what faith is. ...

  • Cultural Coercion, does it affect you?

    Cultural Coercion, does it affect you?

    9 years ago

    Dear hub readers, I am writing this little piece as an experiment to see what I can do in the field of writing. I am realizing now that the more friends, visitors and readers a person has, the likely they are to succeed at having a following. I am...

  • Poverty in a Capitalist Nation

    Poverty in a Capitalist Nation

    9 years ago

    Like most of the people I know, growing up in a family of seven people living in a two bedroom house about 75 yards from a public recreation center named Kiwanis Park, there was no doubt we were poor. My father was a civil servant working for the...

  • Natures Best

    Natures Best

    9 years ago

    While traveling home Saturday, I stopped at the supermarket to pick up a few things for preparation of dinner that evening. When we drove into the parking lot we saw this beautiful bright full spectrum rainbow. It was awesome and just by luck I...

  • Trusting Your Feelings

    Trusting Your Feelings

    9 years ago

    My grandfather along time ago told me, boy, you need to trust your gut feelings. When first told this, I didn't understand what he meant, but later in life about 20 years later, I started to realize what those words meant. Ever have the feeling that...

  • Gods Time Not Mine

    Gods Time Not Mine

    8 years ago

    God made the sun and the moon to distinguish days from nights,seasons as they change, This is what allows for the trees to bare fruits and the farmer to be able to plant and harvest the food we eat. In Heaven the fruit will always be ripe and ready...


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