If you have a boil do you squeeze it?

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  1. jackavc profile image69
    jackavcposted 11 years ago

    If you have a boil do you squeeze it?


  2. Just Ask Susan profile image90
    Just Ask Susanposted 11 years ago

    No you should never squeeze it, or so I have heard. What I do is apply a tea bag to the boil. Boil a tea bad for a few minutes then remove the tea bag and let it cool until  it is cool enough to put directly on the boil. This will bring the head to the top of the boil and then you can drain it. Here is a website where you can read more on boils:http://www.medicinenet.com/boils/page2.htm

  3. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 11 years ago

    No.  If you squeeze it, you can drive bacteria back into the tissue and cause more problems.  Have it lanced so that it drains freely but not under pressure.

  4. mothsong profile image69
    mothsongposted 11 years ago

    Generally you should not squeeze boils as it can spread the infection. Apply a warm compress to it regularly to encourage it to come to a head so that it will drain. That looks badly infected so you should go and get some antibiotics from your doctor. When it drains it may leave an abscess which should be packed with gauze to encourage it to heal from the bottom upwards. See a nurse if this happens who will be able to show you how to dress it properly.

    Once it starts draining you may be advised to gently squeeze the puss out if there is a lot of it, to ease the pain. Your local nurse will be able to advise you. It is however very painful - I suffered from terrible recurring abscesses when I started shift work a few years ago and because there was so much puss, the nurse advised me to do this. She did it the first time and it hurst so much I uttered a rude word in front of her!

    It should be done gently to encourage the puss to drain, and so that puss doesn't get forced into the surrounding areas and spread the infection. Your doctor or nurse may decide to lance it when you go to get antibiotics.

  5. jackavc profile image69
    jackavcposted 11 years ago

    Great answers. The picture was of my daughters knee. The doctor lanced this one

  6. BChild75 profile image59
    BChild75posted 10 years ago

    Moist heat draws it to a head as well, where in most cases it drains on it's own. They have an over the counter salve you can use to aid in the discomfort called Boil Ease, hope this helps as they can be very miserable!!

  7. Natalie Haywood profile image40
    Natalie Haywoodposted 5 years ago

    Theatment of boils depends on differenf factors, in some cases it's better to visit a dermatologist. http://skintagsremoving.com/treatment-f … under-arm/ - this info is useful in you need to choose the most suitable treatment.

  8. EngAbeer profile image60
    EngAbeerposted 5 years ago

    Boils (medically referred to as furuncles) are painful, pus-filled red bumps that develop under the skin when bacteria infect and inflame one or more hair follicles or oil glands. Boils are reliably common and typically caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Home care for boils should not normally involve popping or squeezing them because there's a risk of spreading the infection, especially with those who have reliably weak immune systems (young kids, diabetics, the elderly). See your doctor about breastfeeding a boil if your home remedies are ineffective.


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