What is your opinion regarding medical marijuana?

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  1. Mmargie1966 profile image89
    Mmargie1966posted 10 years ago

    What is your opinion regarding medical marijuana?

    This country seems to be slowly accepting the benefits of marijuana, a natural plant.  Many doctors in many states are prescribing marijuana as a helpful medicine for several reasons.

    What do you think about that, and why?  What are your experiences with this "drug", "plant" or whatever you decide to call it?


  2. mvaivata profile image61
    mvaivataposted 10 years ago

    I don't personally have any experience with this plant, but I've certainly done my research.  As far as I understand it, it is not addicting; however, it is important to keep in mind that though it may not have any physically addicting properties, there is always the potential of mental addiction.

    That being said, I feel like, if well-sanctioned and used for the right purposes (ease the pain of cancer patients, etc.), then I do not see why it is a problem.  Of course, there's always the possibility of abuse, but let's be honest, no matter what is being sold, there will always be someone out there trying to abuse either the product or the system.  But why deny those who genuinely need it for the few that will abuse it?

  3. cloverleaffarm profile image72
    cloverleaffarmposted 10 years ago

    Personally, I do not have any experience with marijuana, other than second hand smoke from the girls room in high school. I do know that they should just legalize it, and tax if they must to draw a revenue from it. Now, they spend more money trying to eradicate it. I know many people who use it both for pain, and for recreation. Look at all the dollars the government could be making, if they would just legalize it for all.

  4. radgirl profile image80
    radgirlposted 10 years ago

    My opinion is that less than half of the people who get it need it.  In Oregon, you can pretty much stub your toe and get a card. I think there should be more of a strenuous process, because it's becoming more and more acceptable all around.  Kids see it as okay because their parents can go to the pot store and smoke it because they have a card.

    If my kids got caught with it, they would loose every privilege they ever thought of having.  I have a college bound 4.o student, and three more behind her, and they have been raised to fly above the influence.  They have seen what it does to their friends who drop out and get knocked up.  They have seen people be high on pot and drive a car into a pole and die, but since it was the blunt force trauma that killed them, it doesn't get marked off as death by pot.

    It turned my biological father into a paranoid crazy person who took apart smoke detectors and turned the television around because the government was watching him.  He started out as a normal guy with a job and in the military and ended up alone, broke, and nuts.

    I understand that it could boost our economy, but if making something so damaging legal is the answer, we're asking the wrong questions.  At what cost to we try to save the dollar?  The cost of our children?

    If you're dying of cancer or have end stage ALS, or are in the end of some other terminal illness, it's great.  I have seen it ease the end of someone's life.  I've also seen it jump a young healthy person's heart rate to 175 and put them in danger of cardiac arrest for six hours....which would be the "cause of death" even though it was the pot that did it.

    I am against it for anything that isn't an end-of-life event.  It might make me uncool, but my kids have a future, and none of the millionaires that I have ever met have pot cards.  I have fibromyalgia and migraines from a severe car accident and treat it with yoga, ice, heat, and massage, so I know it can be done.

    That is where I stand on this issue.

  5. Voin Avdakov profile image60
    Voin Avdakovposted 6 weeks ago

    I have no personal experience of using medical marijuana but as i see and found from some research

    Marijuana users frequently describe this drug smoking experience as relaxing, which creates a feeling of light-headedness and haziness in the person.

    People are using medical marijuana as a pain relief drug and as per research it is beneficial in many diseases.

    There is always a positive and negative of every product, condition etc.

    So in case of medical marijuana there is also some negative points like some people using it as intoxication.


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