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According to you, what makes a person successful in life?

  1. bskumar profile image69
    bskumarposted 5 years ago

    According to you, what makes a person successful in life?

  2. Blogurl profile image59
    Blogurlposted 5 years ago

    This is something that interests me. I think it means that they are doing something that they love to do, are financially comfortable with no monetary stresses, and have a family (blood related or not) for love and support. I hope to have that someday.

  3. the clean life profile image79
    the clean lifeposted 5 years ago

    To be successful in anything you do you need to keep at what it is you want until you achieve it. Never give up on any dream or goal in life until it is achieved. Continue to think and act positive and if you believe you will achieve anything in life!

  4. KevinC9998 profile image79
    KevinC9998posted 5 years ago

    The measure of success is the love you leave behind.

  5. yoginijoy profile image73
    yoginijoyposted 5 years ago

    I find it most interesting that the question includes the phrase "according to you," and that must be because each of us will answer the question differently. I find that my answer has changed over the years. It used to be based on external factors like grades in school, and now it is my ability to maintain my equanimity in all situations. I am not always successful at it! But I keep on trying.

  6. lburmaster profile image83
    lburmasterposted 5 years ago

    If they have fufilled their dreams. Have they gone as far as they thought they would, or have they come short? There are some dreams that they never thought they would reach. Those are just false dreams, like false ribs, and that they are normally an impossibility. But the realistic dreams, were those met or did they fade?
    Some people dream to become an actress, a millionaire. Those are false dreams that can become true. But the more realistic dreams would be to have a family, own a house, live on a boat, get a master's degree, learn a new language, become an author, etc.
    And an important factor is that dreams can always be born, at any time in your life. If you are 40 and wish to go somewhere, that is a dream that can be met.