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Why are people more likely to feel dizzy after a shower?

  1. WryLilt profile image91
    WryLiltposted 6 years ago

    Why are people more likely to feel dizzy after a shower?

    I've always found that if I'm pregnant or haven't eaten for awhile, I'm likely to feel dizzy if I have a shower. Why is this?

  2. m0rd0r profile image73
    m0rd0rposted 6 years ago

    2 main possible reasons in your case:

    You may have low blood pressure and the hot water will widen blood vessels in your whole body, effectively removing part of the blood from your brain.

    You may suffer from gestational diabetes (this condition is actually not that rare) and after not eating for a long period of time - your blood sugar is too low.

    If this happens, you will also experience trembling hands, numb lips, vertigo and hunger for carbs and junk food.

    First condition is not life threating, you may live with low BP for 100 years (well, there will be headaches and light headedness)

    The second condition is dangerous and you better visit your doc.

  3. PHILIP HANABURGH profile image60
    PHILIP HANABURGHposted 6 years ago

    in my search for this answer, I , found a likely answer. when taking a shower, you are looking up and down more frequently and this causes the fluid in your ears to moveat a faster rate, similar to driving and other activities, that cause dizziness and motion sickness. I suggest you take your shower more slowly, stand still. while washing your hair, to avoid the frequent looking up and down. you can also take a little cooler than usual tempature. the heat can add to the problem, kind of like sitting in the back seat of a car on a hot day. I am not a dr.I suggest you ask yours on your next visit to make sure it isn't something more serious, like an inner ear infection.

  4. cathylynn99 profile image75
    cathylynn99posted 6 years ago

    the hot water dilates your skin blood vessels. blood pools there and isn't available to fuel your brain. lack of blood flow to the brain causes dizziness.

  5. tigerbaby777 profile image86
    tigerbaby777posted 6 years ago

    Buy a blood pressure monitor and check your blood pressure.  It sounds like it might be dropping.  When you shower or take a hot bath it opens up your arteries and veins which lowers the pressure against their walls.

  6. fitmom profile image83
    fitmomposted 6 years ago

    When I've been pregnant, my blood pressure is lower. I would get lightheaded when I was sitting and stood up or changed positions quickly going from down to up. The blood pressure change can be related to the fact that you have a greater volume of blood while you're pregnant. It is very common to have this happen during pregnancy.

    I would mention it to your doctor as well and you can easily monitor your blood pressure at home to see exactly what the levels are and can relay the information to your doctor.

    Pregnancy changes many things in the body. If you feel lightheaded, be careful not to black out.