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Why is cancer awareness so low?

  1. m0rd0r profile image72
    m0rd0rposted 5 years ago

    Why is cancer awareness so low?

    Six months ago, Canadian researches made a breakthrough curing cancer:

    http://www.sott.net/articles/show/22858 … kes-notice

    It looks like, a cheap trivial pill for metabolic disorders, based on acetic acid successfully shrinks and dissolves cancer cells.

    Why is not the media booming?

    Why the pharmaceutical companies don't invest in research?

    Why human life should be saved with expensive drugs only?

  2. cloverleaffarm profile image63
    cloverleaffarmposted 5 years ago

    Canadian nurse Renee Caisse treated and cured cancer with her herbal remedy back in the 1920's. She too, was shut down. Her herbal treatment is still used today, and is known as Essiac...her name backwards.
    Cancer is BIG money for the pharm companies, and they won't let anyone "develop" a cure. They would lose too much money. It is sad, because many lives could be saved, or at least a better end to them, but they would lose too much money no dishing out their chemo drugs.

  3. Eliminate Cancer profile image60
    Eliminate Cancerposted 5 years ago

    I think there are many who are 'aware' of cancer, but the cure is not that simple, and anyone proposing a single 'cure' is misleading the public.

    There are over 200 different types of cancer, and they all behave slightly differently.

    We are getting closer to curing some cancers, but it will take a while before we have real solutions for all of them.

    That said, there is a lot available IN NATURE that fights cancer, and many of my hubs are about this.  Toxic treatments are not the solution for a lot of cancers.  Although they are curative for some, the side effects and increased risk for other cancers and disease as a result make it a difficult choice, even when it is offered as the best option.  I wrote a hub about chemotherapy, which may help answer some of this question (at least the part about why someone would choose chemotherapy - I did not).

    Understanding Chemotherapy: Choosing Your Weapons Against Cancer
    http://eliminatecancer.hubpages.com/hub … nst-Cancer

    To your question about why pharmaceutical companies don't invest in research, they invest in research for drugs they can patent and profit from.  There are others out there doing research on natural cures, these are just not as well publicized, and while there are many nutrients that exist in the world that fight cancer from many angles, there is nothing that sweeps through and completely eliminates it. 

    Just as there are a combination of causes for the mutations that become cancer, fighting cancer naturally requires a combination of attacks from a variety of sources.

  4. Caitlin Pyle profile image81
    Caitlin Pyleposted 5 years ago

    Like cloverleaffarm said, there is no money in health. Pharmaceutical companies make way too much money. Plus, less than 6% of doctors have training in nutrition. It is not widely taught even in schools that what we put in our mouths directly affects what our cells do, and whether or not they mutate or thrive like they're supposed to.

  5. fitmom profile image83
    fitmomposted 5 years ago

    Much of the time, the answer is that it all comes down to money. Money, money, money. As the others have said, the pharmaceutical companies make lots of money off of their drugs. Doctors receive training from the pharmaceutical companies unless they educate themselves about natural cures (which most of them do not).

    It's very sad. Those treatments are all very toxic to your body and cause so many side effects.

  6. fit2day profile image75
    fit2dayposted 5 years ago

    True awareness about cancer is so low, because the money made treating it and supposedly trying to find a cure is so high.

    Prevention seems to be of no interest to those profiting from it that the only awareness that seems to be raised is the awareness that cancer exists.

    http://fit2day.hubpages.com/hub/If-Mone … ing-Cancer