Hey I have a teethproblem. My right jaw is lower than the left jaw, a bit asymme

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    niveaa123posted 5 years ago

    I have a teethproblem. My right jaw is lower than the left jaw, a bit asymmetrical.

    Some years ago I wore braces and palatebraces. Afterwards I saw that my jaw were asymmetrical. I also been missing 1 tooth in my right lower set of teeth. So my midline of upper and lower teeth are also asymmetrical. I read some articles, that one tooth can cause asymmetrical face. Ive talked with my dentist and he will do something on my assymmetrical midline. What if its getting worse?

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    Dr Appletonposted 5 years ago


    Sorry for such a delay in answering your question.  I have not been familiar with this section of HubPages.

    Asymmetry of the jaws varies from very mild to very severe.  If you are referring to how the lower half of your face looks, that is the shape of the lower jaw, the upper jaw, the lips, and the muscle and skin that covers the jaw bones, then mild asymmetry is very common.  In fact, most people have asymmetrical faces.  Perfect symmetry is usually reserved for supermodels.  The teeth themselves do not usually impact the external appearance of the face.

    If you have a very noticeable asymmetry of the lower face (the external appearance, that is) then it is most likely due to asymmetrical growth of the jaw bones, the maxilla (upper) and the mandible (lower).  Orthodontists are experts in growth and development of the jaws.  The orthodontist who performed your orthodontic treatment (braces) would be very well aware of the growth of your jaws.  He or she can re-evaluate you and discuss what it is that you are seeing and possibly offer solutions to improve your appearance and/or ability to chew.

    If you have a noticeable external asymmetry that is getting worse over time, especially if it is getting worse rapidly, consult with an oral & maxillofacial surgeon.  There are a number of cysts, growths, and tumors of the jaws that can expand or destroy your jaw bones and change the external appearance of your face.

    If the asymmetry is just with regard to your teeth, this can be a minor esthetic issue or it can be a major functional issue.  If the way your teeth bite together is proper and in harmony with your jaw muscles and jaw joints, then you don't have much to worry about unless you don't like the way it looks.  Most people do not have dental midlines that match up.  Only people who have had orthodontic treatment and who wear their orthodontic retainers every night have perfect dental midlines.

    If your dental asymmetry is due to crowding of the teeth and the position of the teeth is unstable, such as when some of the teeth are missing and spaces are present between the teeth, then your asymmetry can get worse.  Frankly, I'd go straight to the expert.  See an orthodontist.  Preferably the orthodontist who performed your orthodontic treatment.  He or she will be able to best advise you on what to do.  Don't wait.  Call them today!  Let me know how it goes, and good luck!

    - Dr. Appleton