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I have been having pain in my right lower side of abdomin and its been going on

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    Ronda Mcdonaldposted 5 years ago

    I have been having pain in my right lower side of abdomin and its been going on for about 3 months

    It goes on for about 3 days then goes away for about 2 weeks. I also have pain in my lower back. Im also gettin sharp pains in my lower abdomin could this be endometrosis im kinda scared.

  2. Melis Ann profile image93
    Melis Annposted 5 years ago

    I would definitely call a doctor as they will easily be able to rule out anything serious with physical exam and then possibly further testing. I hope you feel better!

  3. Catzgendron profile image74
    Catzgendronposted 5 years ago

    You definitely need to call a doctor.  That pain can be associated with a few different issues, bowel obstruction, kidney issues, female problems and any one of these could be serious.  Good Luck!

  4. MickS profile image73
    MickSposted 5 years ago

    Go to the doctor where you will get some sort of professional advice and care.

  5. Seeker7 profile image97
    Seeker7posted 5 years ago

    Hi there - don't be scared. Most causes of abdominal pain can be sorted out quite easily and quickly. Abdominal pain can come on with a number of things - bowel problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. You can also have pain with bladder and kidney infections. Women of course can have problems with abdominal pain due to their period. But whatever it is, it can be sorted. So please speak to your doctor. You'll feel a lot less anxious once you do and you'll get something to ease the pain as well. Lots of luck.