Can Alcoholics Anonymous continue to exist with it's very old 12 traditions?

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  1. IDONO profile image59
    IDONOposted 12 years ago

    Can Alcoholics Anonymous continue to exist with it's very old 12 traditions?

    Many of these traditions are the foundation of a wonderful fellowship, however, it seems the some of the traditions are becoming obsolete such as self supporting through our own contributions, parts of the anonymity traditions and affiliations. There are so many meetings with expenses such as rent, coffee literature, etc. that it's becoming economically impossible to survive.
         This program has saved so many lives and helped so many people throughout the years, I'd hate to see it dissappear because of a fear of changing with the times. Sometimes, like it or not, things have to update.

  2. Eric L. Andrews profile image56
    Eric L. Andrewsposted 12 years ago

    Yes.  I am living proof and sober now for almost six years and four months.  I used the 12 step program of AA, and had a sponsor that kept in touch daily.  I have further applied the AA principles to other issues in my life, and the results have been 100% positive.  The program taught me 1) that I was powerless, on my own, to stop drinking 2) that my selfish actions had caused alot of pain to others, especially my wife and kids and 3) that I had lied incessantly to get my alcohol intake each day and attempt to hide my actions.  It worked for me and can work for anyone who actually puts its principles into practice.

  3. sian crook profile image60
    sian crookposted 12 years ago

    Exponents and opponents of the 12 steps will all have an opinion on this one. I have seen plenty of people get "clean and serene" via "the rooms" and plenty for whom it wasnt for them.
    Recovery is a bit like choosing the pub you like to drink in. If you dont like one, choose another.But I would abhor the loss of such a viable and valid forum that has helped so many to achieve sobriety because it's post modern.

  4. IDONO profile image59
    IDONOposted 11 years ago

    I appreciate all your answers, except if you read again, the question is about the twelve traditions, not the  twelve steps. I agree the program isn't for everybody, and certainly am not so arrogant as a member of the fellowship to claim it is the only way. It worked for me; or should I say it gave me direction to work on myself.
       AA makes no claims of fixing people. Jenny Craig don't work if you don't follow the diet.
       The steps of AA should never be tampered with. There is one edition (not sure which) that states even if you are not alcoholic, the steps will improve your life. Afterall, step 1 is the only one that talks about your addiction. All the rest are a way of life. 
       However, the traditions are my concern. Should we try outside contributions such as donations, fundraisers, etc.?  Is the strictness of the anonymity tradition hindering millions of people carrying a message of sobriety and past experience that could be huge in the prevention of alcoholism? Afterall, alcoholism doesn't have the same stigma as 70 years ago.
       Read these traditions and see what you think. I don't think there is a right or wrong in your opinions, but keeping an opened mind is how it all works.

    1. sian crook profile image60
      sian crookposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      The beauty of AA is non affiliation and anonymity.We can all find a "where to find".The message of sobriety and past experience an anathema to the pre contemplative. Pearl before swine comes to mind. Would corporate sponsorship attract or repel

    2. IDONO profile image59
      IDONOposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Also, the beauty of AA is to keep it simple. How did we get from fundraisers to corporate sponsorship? Anathema? What's that? You should go to an AA meeting and see how people talk in a language anyone can understand. That's why it works so well.


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