What are the pros and cons, and the evidence for and against, the paleo diet?

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  1. B. Leekley profile image94
    B. Leekleyposted 6 years ago

    What are the pros and cons, and the evidence for and against, the paleo diet?

    There are a few HubPages questions and hubs about it, but none seem to exam the question in depth . They seem all to be promoters of it, repeating the theories behind it and giving anecdotal evidence. I'd be interested in a more evenhanded look that considers, too, criticisms of the diet and of the assumptions on which it is based. Side by side, how do the claims and the results of the Paleo Diet, the Vegan Diet, the Macrobiotic Diet, the Gluten-Free Diet, the Swank Diet, the Cayce Diet, the GI Diet, the Raw Food Diet, the China Study Diet, the Zone Diet, the Aryurveda Diet, etc. compare?

  2. AnniesHealthTalk profile image91
    AnniesHealthTalkposted 6 years ago

    The paleo diet tends to be very high in fat and cholesterol since most of the calories come from animal foods. This can raise blood cholesterol levels to high levels, even in younger people. I know of a college-age male who tried this diet and quit at the advice of his doctor because his cholesterol went up to 401.
    A vegan diet can be healthy or unhealthy depending on the food choices (since there is vegan "junk food" available). The only issue with this diet is the lack of vitamin B12, which a lot of vegans have to take a supplement for.
    A raw food diet has many health benefits as well, as long as it's done correctly (again, which may have to include B12 supplements). The only problem arises when people replace too many foods for those high in fat, like avocados and nuts. These foods are healthy in moderation, but many raw foodists make the mistake of using them for as much as 60% of their total calories
    In my opinion, the best diet is one that is low in fat and includes lots of plant foods.

  3. Trinity M profile image83
    Trinity Mposted 6 years ago

    My husband and I have both tried the paleo diet before and it is very effective. Our energy levels were up and we got a clean bill of health from our doctor. The only reason we stopped is because we love our pizza / pasta / carbs too much to give them up forever.

    I’ve never tried any of the other diets before, except for Atkins which is similar and again missed carbs too much.

  4. Gregoryy profile image60
    Gregoryyposted 6 years ago

    The Paleo diet is attempting to eat like how our ancestors used to eat. Mainly Vegetables,Meats, Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds. The Paleo diet can be high in fat and cholesterol if you are consuming mainly animal based foods, in that case it may resemble the Atkins diet which is very bad for you. Dietary cholesterol does not contribute much to body cholesterol. Saturated fat plays a greater role, and even then only 1/3rd-1/4 of the body's cholesterol comes from dietary sources. 

    I myself have criticisms of the diet, as the Paleo diet does not support grains. The longest living cultures on earth have a diet heavy on grains, and vegetables. When you look at cultures that consume mainly meat such as the Eskimos, and Masai they have a much shorter lifespan. Cultures that consume more protein tend to have higher rates of osteoporosis, than cultures that do not. However if someone on the Paleo diet eats mainly fruits, and vegetables it may be different.

    Just because you are vegan does not mean you are healthy. Soda is vegan ,and not made from any animal products. Consuming soda every day is not healthy. Another thing is anthropologists agree that after humans started eating meat their brain grew larger. Meat does play an important role in brain development. Regardless a diet higher fruits, and vegetables is considered optimal for humans as they contain many antioxidants, vitamins, and help the body function better, and age slower.


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