Heres a quesion for ya. do you know anything about werewolves plz answer back I

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    Luna14posted 5 years ago

    Heres a quesion for ya. do you know anything about werewolves plz answer back I need help!

    i wake up in the morning with scratches and bruises something scared the live sh.t out of my sister im attracted to thefull moon im angrier then ever I dont know why which only angers me further andi have been drawing images of wolves that are in my head. im almost fourteen in seventeen days... august twentysixth is my birthday. two more questions... one are you a girl or boy and two how old are you?

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    junksellerposted 5 years ago

    Bruises and scratches are not uncommon. They can simply be from tossing and turning at night or from scratches and bruises you got during the day that took some time to show up.

    It is also not unusual to be attracted to the moon. In fact, many cultures throughout history have worshiped the moon. It can be a very beautiful and mysterious object.

    Being angry is often simply part of being 14. The teenage years can be tough. If you feel like you are having a particularly tough time, I would encourage you to find someone to talk to. A parent, older friend, school counselor, etc. Adults were once kids and have gone through what you may be going through and will usually be very understanding.

    Wolves are a very powerful primal symbol. If you are interested look up Carl Jung and the work he did on archetypes. The wolf is often seen as representing our primitive desires or instincts. We often see the wolf negatively, but it can just as easily be a positive force. It is powerful, loyal, mates for life, etc. It could simply be that the wolf is a manifestation of some feelings that you are having trouble dealing with.

    These are all explanations which have nothing to do with the paranormal, because, I don't really believe in the paranormal. If you do, than my only advice would be to not forget that you yourself are a powerful being. You are never helpless against whatever you may have to face.