Boxing for strength, cardiovascular health, balance, & coordination

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    Coach Albertposted 8 years ago

    You don't have to step into the ring and get beat up to participate in boxing training. There are many forms of boxing training in the gyms out there. Boxing workouts can burn off 350 to over 1000 calories in an hour depending on intensity of training and body type. It can maintain the heart rate at 75 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate.

    In addition, boxing training classes improve your speed, strength, reflexes, balance, rythm, timing and flexibility.

    A good boxing coach will never put you in the ring to fight unless you are 100% sure you want to be there and are physically prepared and able to compete. However alot of boxing gyms practice contact sparring as a required part of the class. Make sure you shop around for the type of class you want. Boxing and kickboxing classes run the gamut from strictly cardio style, to semi contact (ie. bags and mitts only) to full contact. You might want to prepare with the non-contact and move up into the full contact based on your goals. 

    A nice side benefit from boxing and kickboxing, you will also learn self defense skills. The reflexes and instincts sharpened by consistent practice of boxing and kickboxing will come in very handy should you be accosted or forced to defend yourself.

    The endorphin rush after a good workout is similar to that of the runners high and the feeling of accomplishment will go a long way towards improving self esteem and mood.

    If you have been looking for a new workout routine and are bored with treadmills and gadgets, I highly recommend finding a good instructor or class to take and giving boxing and kickboxing a try. If you cannot find one in your area, I have a video package on my website for sale that can get you started.

    Best of luck in your fitness endeavors,
    Coach Albert
    The Cyber Gym

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