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AIDS why do you think scientists can't find a cure? Will they ever find it?

  1. PoetasDsigns profile image59
    PoetasDsignsposted 5 years ago

    AIDS why do you think scientists can't find a cure? Will they ever find it?

    I know the cure for it but it has nothibg to do with science

  2. kenyanXstian profile image79
    kenyanXstianposted 5 years ago

    I think that AIDS is a way that God wants humanity to know they can not have it all and yet treat him with jest. As much as He has let us discover all we now do, he has to keep humanity in check. Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible sinned and God had to show them just who is King; he ruined them. As long as we live a righteous life, I believe we can be assured of either healing or safety from sickness. I can attest to people who have been healed of AIDS. Dispute you may of my opinion, but I sincerely don't think scientists will find a cure.

  3. conradofontanilla profile image81
    conradofontanillaposted 5 years ago

    The fact that virus can be chelated shows promise to find a treatment for AIDS that is caused by virus. Dr. Arturo V. Estuita, a Filipino internist and chelationist is now treating hepatitis B by means of chelation therapy. This is a new discovery, in March 2012 only. Hepatitis is caused by virus as i discuss in one of my Hubs. Conventional medicine has snubbed chelation therapy that is why it can't find treatments or cures for AIDS.

  4. rodney80 profile image76
    rodney80posted 5 years ago

    This is because HIV regularly changes their genetic code by mutation. A drug , commonly, combines to a protein having a specific structure but these mutations rapidly changes that very structures,therefore, now the drug does not bind to that protein of the virus and requires to develop a new drug. Same thing happens for antibody generation..... with new mutations every time body need to create new set of antibodies and withing that time span HIV binds to the immune cells. Moreover, generation of antibody for viruses is a bit complicated that bacteria or other pathogen with larger structure.
    I am not entering in detail of the mechanism just trying to explain for general people.

    I think, human race will never be abolished by any infection disease because the evolution, that's been happening every moment by accumulation of favorable minute genetic variations and mutations. There are a group of people who are resistant to HIV. Again comes the term "genetic mutation". This mutation caused the receptor of CD-4 ( immunity system) cells to change a manner that HIV can't bind to them and fails to make them AIDS patients.

  5. FatFreddysCat profile image97
    FatFreddysCatposted 5 years ago

    I doubt it. They don't have a cure for the common cold or cancer, either.

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    huckelburyposted 5 years ago

    For the same reason there is no cure for the common cold, which now comes in over 125 forms. You'll never catch the same cold twice, but you will catch others if exposed to the virus. The HIV virus mutates so quickly that any medication would destroy or disable only one specific genotype, leaving the others to proliferate. Current medications can reduce the viral load, but they cannot cure the disease. It's a similar situation with hepatitis C or any of the herpes virus.