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What are the side effects to taking Green Coffee Bean Extract?

  1. Swope profile image61
    Swopeposted 5 years ago

    What are the side effects to taking Green Coffee Bean Extract?

    Good and Bad?

  2. DayLeeWriter profile image60
    DayLeeWriterposted 5 years ago

    Since Dr Oz mention using green coffee bean extract for weight loss, there has been a huge amount of interest on the topic! While early studies show the chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans may have health advantages, more studies are needed.

    So far- from the few reliable studies and updates I've seen, there are no serious side effects from green coffee for otherwise healthy individuals.

    Green coffee beans DO contain CAFFIENE so anyone who has issues with insomnia, irritability, stomache upsets and so on from caffiene may wish to avoid using green coffee bean products.

    On a personal note: I have a friend who has been using coffee bean supplements for a wjhile and she reports improved energy, focus, and general well-being without the jitters and insomnia she has with regular coffee.

  3. Randy M. profile image87
    Randy M.posted 5 years ago

    I have a step-mother who started taking it.  She is a type 1 diabetic who is overweight and in her 70's.  After she started taking it, she had dizzy spells and had a hard time regulating her insulin.  After she stopped taking the green coffee bean extract pills, she got better.

    I would expect that the heightened sympathetic nervous system response from taking the extract (due to the caffeine effect) was increasing her use of blood sugar.  This makes sense, since caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands to speed up the metabolism. 

    Thus, I don't think this type of extract is a good for diabetics, whether they be type 1 or type 2.  I would also expect that it would not be good for anyone who has nervous disorders or other disorders that are exacerbated by a heightened sympathetic nervous system.

  4. SoManyPaths profile image60
    SoManyPathsposted 5 years ago

    Very interesting Randy; many people who are overweight substantially are close to being diabetic or are. So, maybe this pill or extract is best for people who are somewhat overweight like 20 lbs or so.