Have you ever had a black toenail?

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    jantamayaposted 5 years ago

    Have you ever had a black toenail?

    I walked for hours in my walking shoes. They seem to be soft, but they are probably a tiny bit too short... The day after this walk, I spend on a journey, in a plane for around twelve hours. Two days later I noticed that my toe was reddish, swollen, the nail went from yellow to green, light blue. Now it is dark, dark blue... What to do with it? Nothing? Wait for something?

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    aikikenjitsuposted 5 years ago

    You should see a doctor, preferably an Internist doctor.  If the nail is the only thing wrong, I personally would just watch it and see if it changes back.  But if the toe itself starts changing in any way, definitely see a doctor as soon as possible.  You could maybe have a vascular problem??
    One time when I was taking a x-ray (I was a x-ray technician) a 14” by 17” film cassette fell on my big toe.  It was metal and it struck me with the corner.  My nail swelled up and filled underneath with blood.  I don’t remember if it was black, but it did change color.  I was in pain.  The dumb ER doctor shoved a needle under my nail like Chinese torture. It hurt like hell!  I went home and took a paperclip and heated the end over a flame till it was red hot.  Then I carefully and slowly pressed the end into the top of the nail.  It melts the nail and slowly goes downward.  When I had pushed a hole through the nail, a stream of blood shot up about four feet.  I kid you not.  It hurt like hell because there was a lot of pressure.  Anyway, hope I helped some.

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      Thanks for your great answer and a toenail horror story :-)