What would you prescribe to heal our gun control and mental health woes?

  1. violetheaven profile image60
    violetheavenposted 5 years ago

    What would you prescribe to heal our gun control and mental health woes?

    As a nation we have been ignoring, for the most part, the issues of mental health and gun control, hoping they will go away ALL ON THEIR OWN. Then little children became the victims of our tucked away mentallity and the media is swarming.  Sad that it took  this much to lead us to deal with all of it.  What do you you believe is the proper route to go?   Don't get me wrong, I believe that we must have our right to bear arms and own guns.  I just think that mentally illness and weapons don't go together.    I also think that good mental health care is severly lacking and in crisis mode.

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    LupitaRonquilloposted 5 years ago

    The 2nd ammendment states we have the right to bear arms for our PROTECTION. But isn't it contradictory to say we are protecting ourselves and our families if this ammendment was created before a bushmaster was even invented?? The current gun control laws ARE outdated and need serious revision to say the least.  There are loop holes that are costing us our kids!  For example, there are assault weapons on the market that are made to shoot through bullet proof vests!  Only federal officers and policeman wear bullet proof vests!  So then why are those and many other big assault weapons being sold to the public?? Deer and other game don't wear bullet proof vests. In 1994, these big weapons were banned but in 2004 put back on the streets. We need to pull them back off the market and also find a way to stop the sale of guns to anyone who is mentally unstable or who lives with someone who is mentally ill or prone to violent tendencies.  The Brady Bill doesn't check for mental illness or presciption medications nor make it standard to do a background check in some states!  I bought my gun with no background check. Adam Lanza had with him enough ammo and the types of guns that could have taken down the whole school and would have been able to in very little time before he saw the police! What was a mother doing with those kinds of guns knowing her child had some mental issues??  A previous neighbor of the Lanza's stated  he was told by the mom never turn your back to him while the neighbor visited as kids. She knew he wasn't well. It was also reported she at times slept by his bedroom door.  I can go on... but YES, change has been long overdue.

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    grumpiornotposted 5 years ago

    Lupita has an excellent point. The bushmaster is not really a weapon for self-protection, except in the case of military invasion. It is far more likely that a handgun will be the weapon of choice for home protection....

    Possibly the question is not about the permissibility of weapons, but rather the suitability of weapons.

    I am all for the right to bear arms where that right is balanced against the necessity and reasonableness of the weapon and need in question.

    As for the issue of mental health, with the best will in the world and comprehensive health and psychological care, some personal implosions will always happen. It happens in every country in the world and the media exposure is one of the factors that differs.