For a fever what temperature is it wise to go to the hospital?

  1. tobimaya profile image60
    tobimayaposted 4 years ago

    For a fever what temperature is it wise to go to the hospital?

    I'm running a fever and it is 100 right now.

  2. Richard Brush profile image60
    Richard Brushposted 4 years ago

    It's never a bad idea to get a check up.  In April I got examined for a very minor annoyance that turned into a surgery to prevent possible kidney failure.  Better safe than sorry, but if you think it's just a cold then get some rest and take care of yourself.

  3. xanzacow profile image71
    xanzacowposted 4 years ago

    A fever is your body's way of dealing with an "intruder", (bacteria or virus). The body heats up in an attempt to kill the invader. A fever of 100, depending on how you measured it, is probably nothing to worry too much about. When you have a fever that remains 102+ despite taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen as directed, then you might start to think about calling your MD. Cool showers, or cloths can help, as well as light clothing and light blankets or just a sheet while sleeping. If this lasts for more than a few days, and does not respond to medication ( tylenol / advil etc) then perhaps you might need an antibiotic to help your body fight it off. Hope this helped.