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Why do some seem bothered by getting older and others take it fine?

  1. peeples profile image94
    peeplesposted 4 years ago

    Why do some seem bothered by getting older and others take it fine?

    I'm struggling lately with the concept that I can't stop the aging process. My husband (5 years older) doesn't seem fazed. What causes the differences?

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    Justsilvieposted 4 years ago

    I guess it depends on your outlook. The word "aging" itself has such negative connotations.

    Genetics have been kind to my family and we all look a bit younger than our age.  But that aside people in general seem to be looking younger longer with each generation. I see this when I look at old photographs of family.

    I embrace many of the things that go with becoming older and look at the positives.  I know personally I am much less critical of myself and have more inner peace. Material things have lost their importance and people I care for have come even more in the forefront. As far as appearance I love my gray hair and I don’t buy into the gray hair makes you look old bias started by hairdressers. I worry more about fitness and health than I did before and my husband is never bothered by questions like “does my butt look big in this sweater”?

    I also see beauty in most things older including people. When I was in my forties I was at a restaurant in the mid afternoon and another couple was sitting a few table away. The women was absolutely beautiful, she was fit, wearing jeans and a T-shirt, her face glowed and she had the most beautiful silver braid over one shoulder. The young man she was with could have been her grandson or lover, I had no clue, but you could tell he also found her beautiful.  She made such an impact on me that she formed my view of what aging is. I really do believe the old Commercial quote “You’re not getting older, you are getting better.

  3. fpherj48 profile image75
    fpherj48posted 4 years ago

    Peeples....First, let me say that I LOVE the comment from Justilvie!!  Her attitude is much the same as my own ......and believe me, it is all about attitude.  Freaking out over the inevitable, something we have little, if any control over, is senseless, to say the least.   
    Why some individuals seem to be unable to "handle" aging in a beneficial, relaxed manner, might just be related to their basic personality.  By that, I mean, some people simply tend to "worry"  needlessly, or in advance of an expected occurrence, whatever it may be.  Men & women who are accustomed to being IN CONTROL, or maintaining a firm grip on the happenings in their life.....are not comfortable when confronted with an issue that requires they "relax" and take one day at a time. 
    In any case,  I can attest with confidence ....aging is not to be feared, but welcomed and enjoyed.  Honestly...it's not JUST being "older."  It's also being wiser, calmer, more patient, more grateful and happier, in general!  Relax, young Mom, you have a ways to go!!  Enjoy TODAY!

  4. CraftytotheCore profile image81
    CraftytotheCoreposted 4 years ago

    When I was taking law courses, one of my teachers was well beyond retirement age.  Her husband owned a law firm that some of her 8 children head up now.  Even at her age, I think she was 70 at the time, she took time off to get a face lift.

    From my personal observation, I think women tend to cherish their outer appearance more than men.  Some women get upset when they get gray hair.  Some women get upset when they develop wrinkles. 

    I think to some extent there is peer pressure in society regarding women, no matter what age.  Like teenagers with low self-esteem due to negative body images....as we get older, we see our beauty changing.  Not that it's disappearing, but conforming to the aging process and it's totally out of our control.