Do you prefer buying products from holistic brands, which are evidence-based and

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    definitionsposted 4 years ago

    Do you prefer buying products from holistic brands, which are evidence-based and fit for purpose

    For instance, I only buy Trader Joe's vegan cookies because I know they are more healthy than Oreos and other such brands.

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    Satan is a Twatposted 3 years ago

    I like buying Oreos and other such brands over Trader Joe's brands,for sure. I also immensely enjoy looking at my fat in my mirror and crying while eating Oreos. I also enjoy paying women over the internet to eat food while using their webcam. Preferably eating Oreos. When people ask me what was the best day of my life, I often tell them it's the day I ran out of Oreos because I could then go to the store and buy more Oreos. Instead of telling my friends and family that I love them, I give them Oreos. My doctor told me I had to stop eating Oreos because of my chronic high glucose levels. That physician no longer practices. 
    I have a pet turtle named Oreos who discarded it's useless shell because it now only feels safe while eating Oreos. "I Can't Get No Satisfaction".......unless I eat Oreos. People often tease me and say, "If you like Oreos so much then why don't you marry them?" In which I reply, "I already have." When teaching anti-racism seminars I utilize Oreos to teach the people how blacks and whites can unite as one for the common good. My ex-girlfriend told me she didn't like Oreos. If I ever have a kid, I might name it Oshpitoreoshtic because it contains the word "oroes" in it, regardless of the sex. What is the next best thing to an Oreo? Absolutely nothing. Except two Oreos.

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      definitionsposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      You sure like your Oreos!  If you like something, who am I to tell you to stop.  Thank you for commenting dear smile