Boredom How to Perk Up Your Interest.

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    nadeescreationposted 3 years ago

    How to Perk Up Your Interest.

    The next time you feel bored, consider the daily routine of eighteenth-century gentlewomen : six hours for rest ; three hours for "praying, meditating, reading pious books ; "two hours for domestic management".five hours for " needle, drawing, music. An hour for "visit the neighbouring poor". Rest of the day in conversation, reading aloud, and paying and receiving social visits.
    Boredom isn't fatal, but it can be very painful, says a clinical psychologist.
    Make a wish list.
    Think ahead.
    Recruit your spouse.
    Expand your circle of friends.
    Get out of the house.

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    vignesh118posted 3 years ago

    1.visit your friends
    2.Try a new hobby
    3. Do some chores around the house.
    4. Cooking has always helped me.{see new recepies on you tube and try them out.}