I am an inspiring Life Coach. If you have any questions that I could help you wi

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    Ramona Stoneposted 3 years ago

    I am an inspiring Life Coach. If you have any questions that I could help you with let me know.

    What is it that you want in your life? Why do you think its not going the way you want it? Are you afraid of failing? Why do you think nobody loves you? Are you in a bad relationship? Do you know why you continue to stay in that bad relationship? Are you addicted to your struggle and cant figure out why?


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    highprofileposted 3 years ago

    Hi Ramona,

    As a life coach what would you say was the number one problem that people have. Why do you think that,that problem is so common?

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    Ramona Stoneposted 3 years ago

    Hi there Highprofile, sorry about getting to you so late.
    I would say the number 1 problem in most people is continuing the cycle that their family has always been known to. I say that because I have talked to a lot of people all over the world and they would say "hey my problem is commitment" or "my problem is trusting" or "my problem is focus or "my problem is motivational levels" or my problems are anger, fear, hate, revenge and envy. What i learned from all of these people saying their problems they all had one thing in common and it was, " well i have seen my mother or father or someone who took care of me do this and act this way and it was o.k". Or, " I was treated this way when i was younger all the way to when i just tuned it out." The thing is they have seen someone do this and for so long they thought it was o.k! In reality it was not o.k. It became second nature to them and they latched on to those bad things and embraced it and it became part of their lives. If you don't have a strong will then you will not know how to get past that first 2 weeks of 2nd nature. The first 2 weeks are the hardest. I think the first 2 weeks are the hardest because pretty much you wake and your feeling bad and just want to stay in the bed, but it takes seconds for a person to change their mood sometimes longer then any other person. I just think and know once you get past that you will be able to get out of that second nature not only that but you will be able to change your life instantly! Believe in yourself and your abilities no matter if the first time it crumbles in your face. Keep going don't stop, and most believe in yourself because if you don't no one else will. The world is how you picture yourself in the mirror. The last question you asked was, "why is the problem so common"? Well Highprofile, it's because everyone has problems in their life. Everyone has had issues with their families. People are made by their past weather its good or bad. People follow what they have seem or been through. Sometimes others need more help then the other people. Which is ok!!