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How are you finding the meaning in your life?

  1. Perspycacious profile image82
    Perspycaciousposted 19 months ago

    How are you finding the meaning in your life?


  2. connorj profile image75
    connorjposted 19 months ago


    I have simply concluded that "the meaning of life" (in a significantly qualitative way, not quantitative...) is simply to become as "Christ-like" as possible before my time is up on this planet. If I truly become Christ-like perhaps I will not have wasted my time on this planet, will have also made life better for others on this "3rd rock from our sun" and perhaps learned significantly to continue my journey on the other side (after passing on)...

  3. WiccanSage profile image95
    WiccanSageposted 19 months ago

    To me, the meaning of life is 'to live,' lol. So it's pretty simple. I believe beyond that it is up to us to give meaning to our lives. So I find meaning in embracing life-- experiences, opportunities, expressing myself (spiritually, creatively, etc.), travel (I love road trips & camping), etc.

    I especially find meaning in my relationship with others-- family, my friends, community, even animals, of course my Gods, etc.

    Life is an awesome ride, I don't want to waste a moment.

  4. Shyron E Shenko profile image81
    Shyron E Shenkoposted 19 months ago

    The Meaning in my life
    © by Shyron Shenko

    I find the meaning in my life
    Are the joys mixed with strife
    To live life to the fullest
    Learning as I go
    What seed I must throw away
    And what seeds I must sow
    To propagate the harvest
    And reap what I have sown
    Learning to appreciate the love I have
    And all the family and friends I’ve known 
    Blessings Demas