Why is circumcision still a considered a normal procedure in America?

  1. Sam Wickstrom profile image89
    Sam Wickstromposted 16 months ago

    Why is circumcision still a considered a normal procedure in America?

    It's as if its the procedure is done, then they look for the disease they're trying to prevent. Only to find that they've forcefully mutilated a baby with the windiest of reasoning. It's like cutting off the breasts of baby girls so that they won't develop breast cancer. It's just so insane, it's hard to believe we're still so barbaric. In the middle east women have genital mutilation and its considered normal, just like boys getting it here. Except we look at the middle easterners and think they're crazy, without examining our own culture of genital mutilation..

  2. tamarawilhite profile image92
    tamarawilhiteposted 15 months ago

    1. No, it is not as severe as cutting breasts off girls.
    2. Female genital mutilation is infinitely more severe and serves no medical purpose, compared to removing a foreskin and reducing a boy's odds of contracting a number of STDs, including AIDS.
    3. It is driven by a mixture of conservative Christian beliefs and sheer inertia.
    4. Compared to removing a boy's foreskin when he's 7-8 in Muslim cultures, doing it to a baby is minimal.

  3. walmart cher profile image61
    walmart cherposted 15 months ago

    i am jewish and for us it's cultural.  but i don't know why the medical establishment in america promotes it as a health benefit and encourages non-jews to circumcise male infants. the studies that supposedly claim it lowers risk of certain stds are dubious at best.  it is even falling out of favor with jews in europe.