Can I get disability for hearing loss in one ear?

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    Bernarrposted 9 months ago

    Can I get disability for hearing loss in one ear?

    Between 3rd and 4th grade I had an eardrum removed as well as my auditory canal cut out. I also had nerves scraped away as well. A thin membrane separates my ear from brain. I have like no hearing in left ear.

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    Patty Inglish, MSposted 8 months ago

    For several years, I performed Social Security Disability evaluations and can tell you what I saw in the Midwest, but this is not strict legal advice, as I am not an attorney. Currently, SSDI payments can be made for "profound hearing loss or deafness", but not for "moderate or mild hearing loss" according to the SS regulations.

    My experience is that the patient's private doctor will do an exam and usually call loss of hearing in one ear as at least "moderate" and often " severe", while the government doctor that also does an exam sometimes calls the hearing loss "moderate" but sometimes even "mild."

    A court hearing often occurs, where a judge often decides for himself how bad the hearing loss is (based on the exams), using both doctors' opinions; but psychological suffering may be added to the case -- It helps to have a lawyer and a psychologist advocating for that with an additional exam. If you are losing time from work for the condition, that often works in favor of a disability finding. Other factors may be significant. The process can be long and annoying.

    You may need to hire an attorney to help you in the case and if you do, ask him/her how many years of back-pay you might receive through SSDI. The attorney may take 1/3 of a lump sum back-payment. Ask about that to be sure,

    Best of luck to you.