What are the other disorders or effects that a person with Epilepsy has?

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    Colleen Feldmannposted 9 months ago

    What are the other disorders or effects that a person with Epilepsy has?

    I would like to know about other related conditions an possible personality traits that are found in a person that has epilepsy

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    Terrielynn1posted 9 months ago

    Some people like my children have Angelman Syndrome. There other genetic disorders that also include epilepsy. It effects the brain funtion and other motor  muscle control. The severity and type of siezsures also causes other issues. What kind of info are you looking for and for what type of epilepsy?

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    PeterStipposted 9 months ago

    Hard to say, there are many forms of epilepsy.
    From personal experience I had a form of dyslexia and difficulties with writing. As the with many fits (hunderss a day but small ones of a sec.) I had problems with making coherent sentences. There where whole gaps in my dictation at school. I'm fine with languages now as I loved to read and used books as a form of escapism.
    Another thing is, concentration. I'm easily distracted and chaotic, but I don't know if this is something that has to do with epilepsy or not. One thing I noticed in my life is that almost always I have the tendency to come up with a different way to the solution of a problem. This way of creative thinking, and thinking differently lead me to a artistic life.
    Another thought that grew my self esteem was "I'm different then the other kids, I'm special". Accepting that your special (everybody is, but not everybody recognises this) and that life is precious (I could have been dead a couple of times because of my epilepsy fits) makes me enjoy life to the fullest. I have to thank my parents for the full support they give me. Support which is of the essence for a kid.
    Hope this helps, not sure if it was really an answer to the question.