Anyone can help?

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    Melisaadamsposted 8 months ago

    Anyone can help?

    Have you ever face the problem of uneven periods? I have been facing from last few years. At start I thought it is happening because of some problem. I didn’t acknowledge much about that time. When the days started bigger I started little bit of concern.
    After the struggle from the year I decided that met with one of the nearest doctor. I was so depressed at that moment when I heard I cannot be pregnant. I used to figure out the things. So I choose this forum to share my story.
    Is there anybody can help here?

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    Necento antoposted 8 months ago

    Hello Melissa,
    If you feel depressed, you need to see a therapist,who could actually assess your situation and help you. Also, talking to someone you trust will be better than trying to talk to strangers who have no clue about your whole situation. Depression is a real disease and if you have it, you have to get treatment. Hope this helps.