Am I pregnant?

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    Mariana Reyposted 5 months ago

    Am I pregnant?

    I am 19 years old. I have been 16 days late so far with 3 negative at home tests. They were all taken after 1 or 2 weeks so it wasn’t too early.

    I had sex on the 1st day my period was supposed to come but it was late. For the most part the sex was protected until the end but I know my partner had peed before. Neither of us finished.

    I am usually just one or two days late.

    I have had tender nipples, lots of breakouts of my face, and mild lower abdomen pain.

    NO nausea, eating appetite, cravings, spotting, sore breasts, fatigue, etc. etc.

    Is this just PMS?? I hope so HELP