Improving flexibility for athletes the right way...

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    Shogunposted 2 months ago

    Stretching is an important component to improving flexibility, but there is still confusion related to proper stretches, when to stretch, and coinciding topics. If you're searching for some information related to improving flexibility, I hope some of this helps.

    Athletes tend to overstretch, try to increase range of motion, and other wacky things that can have negative repercussions.

    Sparta Science summed up athlete flexibility with the following conclusion in a blog post:

    ”Flexibility is just like any other training quality, not enough and too much can both have negative consequences. By utilizing our counter-movement jump assessment to understand how an athlete sequences their movements, we are able to identify athletes who over and underutilize larger ranges of motion. Understanding how to interpret this data, along with the context now gives us a better roadmap to understanding who truly needs to spend more time focusing on flexibility, and who should truly be avoiding extra flexibility work.”

    The full “Flexibility: Understanding More Isn't Always Better” blog post provides a more science-based explanation – based on collected data.

    Also, Orthoinfo shared a list of different “Flexibility Exercises for Young Athletes,” though adult athletes could certainly benefit by mixing some of these into workout sessions.

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