US economy is going in the right direction: Obama

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  1. pisean282311 profile image65
    pisean282311posted 13 years ago

    US President Barack Obama on Thursday asserted the American economy is moving in the right direction, but acknowledged that it has a long way to go.

    "We've got a long way to go. But what is absolutely clear is, we're moving in the right direction," Obama said, addressing a gathering at Kansas City, Missouri.

  2. Cagsil profile image73
    Cagsilposted 13 years ago

    What a joke. lol lol

  3. Ohma profile image60
    Ohmaposted 13 years ago

    I guess that cinches it! Obumble thinks a worsening economy is the right direction. Pretty clear to me what his goals for the U.S. are.

    1. pisean282311 profile image65
      pisean282311posted 13 years agoin reply to this

      he further states

      A year-and-a-half ago, he said, the American economy was shrinking by six per cent a year and now it is growing.

      "The economy was bleeding jobs. We've now created private sector jobs, added private sector jobs, for six consecutive months," he said.

      "Obviously, the progress we've made isn't nearly enough to undo all the damage that was done as a consequence of the economic crisis. There are still five unemployed workers for every vacancy," he said.

      1. Ohma profile image60
        Ohmaposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        So in your opinion?
        Are you simply reporting and promoting his garbage?

        1. pisean282311 profile image65
          pisean282311posted 13 years agoin reply to this

          i m just trying to get real sense ..neither promoting nor demoting..i am not american but like most parts of world..american economy means lot for my was trying to get opinions of americans about whether this is his political statement or whether things are really improving...

  4. Cagsil profile image73
    Cagsilposted 13 years ago

    It seems the longer he is in office the more ignorant he gets. hmm

  5. Ohma profile image60
    Ohmaposted 13 years ago

    Maybe it is the smarter he gets. He sure seem to be getting things moving in the direction that best serves him.

  6. profile image0
    pinkyleeposted 13 years ago

    My mama told me something interesting about him today- He uses a British passport because it states he was born in Kenya so how did he even get elected. nobody seems to know where he is really from plus he gets news reports then they are dropped unlike Clinton and Bush and so many others who F'd up. News reports on them went on and on and on.

  7. Cagsil profile image73
    Cagsilposted 13 years ago

    The only thing the government has been able to do since the collapse of the financial markets is flood the marketplace with money.

    The pricing structure on many products are rising, inflation supposedly held in check. Companies coming out with new sizes yet again for their products, to adjust for loss of revenue.

    That means, people get less of the product, but pay roughly the same amount.

    Example: Lay's Potato Chips- the price on them is $4.00 for a large bag, where this same bag over year ago was $2.99. Plus, they came out with a smaller bag for $1.99 with a difference of only a few ounces of weight.

    These prices are false and deceptive to consumers, so as to think that they are getting a bargain when in fact they are getting less for more.

    The value on real estate has gone way down, but do you see rents coming down? Nope. My landlord for my place, I do not even see. I have no clue who owns my building. The actual owner went through a management firm to handle the property. And, these people are a joke.

  8. JON EWALL profile image59
    JON EWALLposted 13 years ago


    The president was in Kansas City campaigning ( on taxpayer time and money )and claiming the economy is getting better. REALLY?  Again he claims that the (do nothing )Republicans are holding up an extension of unemployment benefits and stated that ‘’ they drove the economy off the cliff’’.If you have the opportunity to watch Barak Obama  on TV  and to pay attention to what he is actually saying, you would understand how many of his statements are untrue and disingenuous.
    The news media continues to report the half truths and supports the continuing propaganda on the economy without questioning. Unemployment went down even when 265,000 workers were not included in the numbers. All smoke and mirrors is what you see.
    President Obama and the Democrat leadership is not telling the American public the truth. The republicans are fighting for  Pay-Go legislation to be followed by the Democrats and the President. The Democrats are adding $ billions to the deficit ignoring the Pay-Go legislation signed by President Obama in April 2009 .President Obama is a disgrace to the office of the presidency by his arrogance and incompetence.
    Wake up America, seek the truth and speak put before it’s too late!

  9. Uninvited Writer profile image81
    Uninvited Writerposted 13 years ago

    I don't pretend to know everything, but who does? The independent money expert on Canada AM just repeated that the US economy is improving; slower than expected but improving. He has no reason to lie about it.

    1. profile image0
      china manposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      UW  you know facts and unbiased stuff is only confusing,  can't you just stick to rabid drooling dogmatic lies like everyone else !!

      1. Uninvited Writer profile image81
        Uninvited Writerposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Silly me...

      2. pisean282311 profile image65
        pisean282311posted 13 years agoin reply to this


    2. Sab Oh profile image58
      Sab Ohposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      No reason to "lie" maybe. "Lie" is a pretty strong word, but you can't imagine he might have a reason to see things a certain way?

      1. Uninvited Writer profile image81
        Uninvited Writerposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        I guess you can say that about any one.

        1. Sab Oh profile image58
          Sab Ohposted 13 years agoin reply to this


  10. ru blog profile image60
    ru blogposted 13 years ago

    If one asserts printing more money than all other presidents combined as successful then Obama's economy is definitely in the right direction.  If one asserts spending more than Bush did in eight years in a year and a half, then the economy is moving right along.  ha. The economy goes as jobs go.  We lost 125,000 jobs in june alone.  Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the economy is tanking. However, i am sure Obama will say he saved twice as many jobs as were lost.  Thank goodness for Obama!!!  I am sure all the Obama lovers out there feel all warm and cozy knowing their messiah has things under control.  Glad some people feel comfy,  I sure as heck don't.

  11. SparklingJewel profile image67
    SparklingJewelposted 13 years ago


    here's another one... … cy-part-1/

    please, someone link to some liberal's good to compare and contrast

    when we can get to the point of seeing each other's perspectives and finding the common ground, we will be a United States

  12. MikeNV profile image69
    MikeNVposted 13 years ago

    Actually the Economy is doing great in 7 states!

    But only in 7 of the "57" States Obama visited.


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