Is Your Health Really Important To You?

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    health-care-4lifeposted 9 years ago

    May I ask a question,please

    Because HE created adult stem cells in all of us,why don't we believe in this awesome gift of healing?

    Yes I'm speaking of GOD's miracle gift of stem cells which are known to medical science to repair and regenerate,worn,damaged and diseased cell tissue.In fact medical science is already extracting adult stem cells from sick patients and injecting back into the diseased part;as in say heart disease.

    And while its interesting to note that nearly all of these are successful;these procedures are quite painful and somwhat costly however there is now a natural stem cell enhancer,which when consumed releases millions of adult stem cells into the bloodstream to cure a disease

    It seems that few people are aware of their own potential for a healthy body and I've found however that if they investigate adult stem cells,they begin to understand and belive in GOD's wonderful gift of medicine.

    May the force of GOD's love be with you

    Laurence Chilcott

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    protjackposted 9 years ago

    What are you smoking?