Tips for the skinny guy:

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    HealthFreak2010posted 7 years ago

    I've seen this a hundred times and i have actually done it myself about 2 years and 25 pouds ago. I walked in Physi Plex, a decently sized health club just a few minutes from my house. Driving there i had the right mind set, i was motivated and ready to workout. But as soon as i walked in, i do what everyone else does...i see whos there...and it was very discouraging. I saw these much bigger, much stronger guys just putting up weights like it was nothing. I wanted to run away..the sight of someone else working out with huge muscles is a huge blow to your ego and self esteem, expecially if you are a skinny tall kid, like i was. I worked for 10 minutes and went home, i came back the next day wearing a long sleeve shirt...worked out for 20 minutes and ran out of there. Later that night i was watching a comercial for P90X and something came to me. I realized right then that i would use my weight and stature as an advantage. Because those people on P90X were thin...skinny...and RIPPED...but they looked huge. That was the key, people that are ripped, look bigger. Its a hundred times easier to build ripped abs when ur already skinny and that is the main focus of most look ripped and to have that six pack. The main tip to get out of use what you have. I worked the next 2 years after that day, 3-4 times a week for an hour or two and i put on nearly 25 pounds. i stopped lifting heavy and did light weights and many many sets and repetitions...soon enough my 10 inch arms looked like 12 inches, and few months after that, my 12 inch arms looked like 14 or 15 inches and now almost 2 years later, my 17.5 inch arms looks like they are 19 inches. Lift light, get big.