incredibly thin like a stick

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    sarah777dzposted 9 years ago

    hello Dr Oz.

    Dear Dr Oz I am 33 years old I am from North Africa I work as a  primary grade teacher , married since 5 years I have a child of 4 years old I am suffering from  weight and since 3 years my weight before varied between 52/57 now my weight is 41 I did blood analysis they say I ve nothing I don`t know what to do especially now all my body bones hurt me my articles like shoulders  I can`t carry things about 2 kg I couldn`t even hold my daughter in my arms more than one or two minutes I suffer a lot , my knees also. when I go to bed I have to take  pills that calm pains  .
    I even suffer from hair loss I am not bald but comparing with 3 years ago my hair was incredibly different it was heavy and a lot .
    Now my husband complains become more offensive about my body and even my friends and people around me say that I m too thin that we wonder how your husband still married to you!
    I m so hurt and lost I may loose my husband , my job I don`t know what to do .

    please please please help me.

    sarah .

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    shailiniposted 9 years ago

    You need to consult doctor. I think your bones are weak due to calcium deficiency. Eat more carbohydrates (Rice, Pasta) and lot of cheese, milk products.

    Get fat soon.